How to Bring your Golf Game into the 21st Century

Golf might seem like one of the more leisurely activities to pick up, yet that does not mean it will not take hours of practice to reach the top of your golf game. Luckily, there are a variety of gadgets on the market to help you bring your golf game into the 21st century.

Izzo Swami 6000 Review

The Izzo Swami 6000 is equipped with over 38,000 high-definition and detailed color maps of regulation courses around the world. Chances are all your local, favorite18-hole courses are included, in addition to any you probably would come across during your international and national travels.

If it’s a regulation course, it’s probably in there. Talking about The Izzo Swami 6000 review, it will automatically update the course maps and doesn’t charge a subscription fee to have accessibility to the broad array of regulation courses provided.

Garmin’s Approach S40

Garmin might be a smartwatch maker; however, it also has a wide variety of wearables in its Approach product line. The pick of the bunch is Garmin’s Approach S40, a smartwatch that is stylish the majority of the time, yet comes into its own on the golf course. The gadget offers over 41,000 golf course guides with digital scorecards, shot distances, and green layup information.

This 43g watch is resistant to water to 50m and manages ten days on a charge. It’s able to pair with your phone through Bluetooth to display emails, texts, and calls as you are going around the golf course, so the smartphone may stay inside your bag.

A Green-View button takes you over to the Green View screen in which a true layout and shape of the green may be seen. The pin may be dragged and touched to the day’s location for a precise distance measure in order for swing power to be perfectly calculated. An AutoShot feature can automatically track your shot distances while playing.

Leupold GX-2i3 rangefinder

Leupold’s GX-2i3 is a digital rangefinder which uses lenses and lasers to provide an accurate distance measurement. It’ll work in both meters and yards, has a scan mode, and can stretch up to a 600-yard range.

The lens provides 6x magnification that allows you to see the pin and read the range of anything within the crosshairs. Also, Leupold claims the scope may take a beating and keep going because of its rugged waterproof build. The battery will last 7,000 sightings before having to be changed.

Even though golf began more than 500 years ago with leather-wrapped, hair-filled balls, and crude wooden clubs, the modern-day golf game is defined by technology. Everybody is measuring launch angles, club head speed, distance, and spin rates. However, the game—no matter how many precious metals and polymers are infused into shafts and clubs—remains one about getting a ball into a hole. So, get your hole in one and bring your golf game into the 21st century with the one or all of the aforementioned gadgets.

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