How can leaders attract ‘honor’ in their life?

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What is Honor precisely? According to the dictionary, honor is fairness, honesty, integrity in one’s beliefs and actions—a source of credit or high respect, distinction, rank, or merit. 

Honour or honor is the idea of a relationship between a person and a society as a quality of an individual that is both of personal ethos and of social teaching, that manifests itself as a code of conduct, and has various elements such as chivalry, valor, compassion, and honesty.

If this sounds like something you want to become in your life, then this article is for you. Read below eight ways you can attract honor in your life. 

  1. Be Understanding – Be a genuinely good listener (don’t just pretend to listen). Don’t be an exemplary interrupter. Listen without disturbances so you can truly understand the other individual’s perspective. Good listeners have a charm not many can carry.
  2. Have Moral Discretion – You have the right to act per your own judgment, and with sound discretion, you can decide wisely. Two important tips: never correct a mocker, or you invite insult and heed discipline.  
  3. Try to live Nobly – Discretion is a segue to nobility. Being noble comes from a connection with oneself. Noble people live in grand moral excellence for the purpose of developing others. 
  4. Enhance Your Wisdom – Intelligent individuals seek education. Wise people also seek sound judgment, an inner voice of counsel, enduring prosperity, and wealth without competition. Competitiveness pulls at the very foundation of intelligence. 
  5. Be a Coach Who Serves – Think of other people on daily basis and teach by example. Wise coaches ask, “Who can I serve today?”  
  6. House yourself in Gratitude – Not only for what you might gain but also for what you’ve fone, seen, or have in your life right now. Gratitude will find you peace. 
  7. Grant Love Consistently – People of honor show love to others no matter what the situations are. This kind of love would indicate forgiveness to the deepest level of human-ness; forgetting and forging.
  8. Patience – Patience is a symbol of trust. You know any scenario will work itself out of you have a feeling it will. A person of patience continues to seek out what they are to learn from the circumstances.

Being honorable doesn’t mean everything around you will be perfect. It means you’ve chosen to look beyond the flaws and grow in faith. You can increase honor in your life by living and learning, one policy at a time. 

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