How can Entrepreneurs Sell with Purpose

Goal Setting

What is really that thing about selling which makes you scared? Do you get anxious the second someone tells you to sell something? Is it the dreaded fear of refusal that scares you? Is it the constant worry of not being able to effectively communicate?

Define Your Anxiety. How did this fear develop? What is it based on?

  1. Many entrepreneurs fear sales because they’re scared of being rejected, as mentioned above.
  2. Others solely fear being the center of attention, particularly when giving a presentation in front of a large bunch of people.
  3. Some are scared of selling because they’re solely unprepared to answer challenging questions or don’t have a profound understanding of the service or product they’re selling.
  4. Could it be you don’t believe in the service or product your selling?

Why do you really fear selling? Just close your eyes, circle one before you read ahead.

Examining Your Premise: Now that you chose and circled the issue, I want you to examine your answer’s premise. In other words, I want you to question the soundness of your fear. For example, if you chose C, then you are not scared of selling; it has more to do with being rather unprepared and the possible ‘shame’ of being overly exposed in public. Take the required steps to learn the service; this genuine confidence in your knowledge will decrease your fear. If you pick B, you have to ask why you’re scared of getting up and speaking in front of others. Did you have a terrible experience when you were a teenager? Or, are you still programmed by the “kids should be seen and not really heard’ parental reminder? To dodge the fear, you must first check the validity (premise) of why you hold that fear. No one ever died from giving a sales presentation.

Love What You are Selling: You have to know this and know this NOW. When you sell what you enjoy, you’re selling from a position of belief. When you believe in something thoroughly, that interest squeezes out the anxiety. Are you selling something you really believe in, or are you, as an entrepreneur, selling in order to earn money? If the response is the latter, you may win in sales, but you’ll never accomplish a real level of success (i.e., earning money doing what you enjoy). If you don’t truly count on what you’re selling, you will always be selling from a doubt position. Doubt breeds fear. Seek out services you love selling.

Don’t Ever Take Anything Personal: Success plays no favorites, got it. Success only honors those who endure and don’t give up. Selling is about endurance. Persistence is about not taking rebuff personally. When people or clients refuse to buy from you, learn to question “Why?”. And no matter the reply you get back from the customer, remember to happily depersonalize it and then learn from it. 

Remember, entrepreneurs, there is one constant truth about this free market, selling keeps the world moving. Selling is the important grease that lubricates the economic machine and keeps all its important moveable parts in motion. From this minute on, as an entrepreneur who has to sell a product or service, I was hoping you could observe your profession as the vital component for keeping this economy going. I want you to see purpose in your job. Purpose squeezes out fear to make room for ambition and enthusiasm.

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