Hot Tourist Sightseeing Spots and Top Things to do in Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv (which ‘Hill of Spring’ in Hebrew) has an air of constant renewal: flowers bloom, new establishments open, and there’s always a party every day. 

Let’s explore Hot Tourist Sightseeing Spots and Top Things to do in Tel Aviv in today’s Travel Article. 

Top Sightseeing Spots in Tel Aviv

  1. Bauhaus Architecture: This place overlooks the architectural landscape of Tel Aviv and has been recognized as the White City, which happens to be the second name of the town itself (The third is “The city that never sleeps”). Its style follows few aesthetical rules, just like unsoiled cuts, transparent white walls, and not decoration. The entire buildings has its smooth as well as simple touch being inspired by a particular functionality idea.
  2. Beit Ha’ir: it is situated on the historic and renovated Town Hall of Tel Aviv. It is both a museum that offers some features of Tel Aviv’s history and a cultural center that showcases several exhibitions.
  3. Azrieli Observatory: Azrieli center is a three-story shopping mall. It also gives people the chance to enjoy the city’s highest viewpoint and have a bite to eat while still enjoying the view.
  4. The Jewish Diaspora Museum: It is said to be one of the most prominent museums globally. This museum specializes in the rich history of the Jewish people.

Top Things to do in Tel Aviv

There are many things to do in Tel Aviv. These are some of the highlights.

  • Enjoy Performing arts: Classical music fans can enjoy Israel’s incredible Philharmonic Orchestra and the New Israel Opera. You can enjoy dance in Suzanna Dellal Center in Neve Tzedek. The theater is performed in Hebrew, but English interpretation is available as well.
  • Sports: Football is the most famous sport in Israel. Tel Aviv has three major football clubs that are in Ligat Ha’al (top division): Hapoel Tel Aviv, Maccabi Tel Aviv, and Bnei Yehudah. All three usually play in the Bloomfield Stadium in the south part of the town, but it is closed for reconstruction. For the time being, games are being extensively played out of the city. Good martial arts clubs overflow in different parts of the city, ranging from traditional Jewish martial art clubs to modern fitness craze sports.
  • Enjoy at a Festival: Tel Aviv hosts many events and festivals. Something wild is going on almost every day so update yourself. Don’t miss the White Night Festival. This yearly event celebrates Tel Aviv’s White City’s announcement as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and is organized by Tel Aviv’s modernistic municipality.  
  • Fashin Market: It is a highly suggested biannual event (summer/winter, for three days each time) where Tel Aviv’s top clothing designers show and sell their work. 
  • Spend time at a Beach: A visit to Tel Aviv is not complete without a dip into its incredible beach scene which is at its best in summer months, particularly during Friday afternoons, when crowds of buff beachgoers converge to take in the native Brazilian drums, the smell of barbecues, the thwock, thwock of “matkot” as the day ends.

What to eat in Tel Aviv?

There are numerous fast-food restaurants in Tel Aviv, offering both local Israeli and international food. One can get an inexpensive and decent meal, including hummus or felafel, on every street corner. You can also eat a sandwich, toast or some other snack at one of the many cafes around the towns. Many fresh fruit juice places are around.

There are several great kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv, including Bruno, Meatos, and 2C, which, although expensive, offer gourmet food with excellent views of the town as it is at the top of the Azrieli tower.

The town is also known for being one of the world’s best destinations for plant-based eating. More than 40 restaurants cater to vegans with a wide range of price ranges and cuisines.

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