Grand Seiko: Top 4 Highest Rating Watches

Seiko is one of the most renowned companies when it comes to the watch-making industry. Seiko was founded back in 1881 and is still innovating for its betterment these days. One of the distinguishing features of Seiko Watches is its precision, no questions asked as to why they are the official timekeepers in major sports events like the Olympic games and FIFA world cup.

In 1960, Seiko had yet achieved another milestone when Seiko introduced the Grand Seiko collection to the market. Back then, only Swiss watch-making companies were the only ones to be recognized to have the highest quality watches, but this changed when the Grand Seiko debuted. Here is the list of the highest rating watches from the Grand Seiko collection.

Grand Seiko Ladies Model STGF324

The first on the ranking of the highest rating watches of the Grand Seiko collection is the ladies’ Grand Seiko STGF324 is the epitome of the word luxury in the Grand Seiko collection. The alluring blend of gold and diamonds on the dial and the gold bracelet that compliments the whole concept of the beautiful and luxurious timepiece make this timepiece an exceptional addition to your dress watch collection.

For 2,806,833 Yen or 25,801.66 USD, The Grand Seiko ladies model STGF324 features an elegant gold finish with brilliant diamonds precisely positioned over it. The bezel of the watch is set with round cut diamonds for an enticing and deluxe look. The dial is also set to have round-cut diamonds with gold on its sides within the hour markers. The hands of the timepiece are in gold, with the logo of Grand Seiko at 12 o’clock.

Grand Seiko 9F Quartz SBGX269

The second on the list in the ranking of the highest rating watches of the Grand Seiko collection goes to the Grand Seiko 9F Quartz SBGX269. The timepiece is a classic in the Grand Seiko collection, a quartz watch stocked by the 9F62 calibre. One of its alluring features is that it’s a unisex men’s watch, complimenting your outfit, and is both effective and sophisticated at the same time. This watch is indeed a must-have or the best present for any occasion.

For 271,637 Yen or 2,497.01 USD, the Grand Seiko 9F quartz SBGX269 features a black dial with no hour markers (there are no numerals embedded inside the sapphire crystal glass. The date display is positioned in the 3 o’clock marker. The steel bracelet intensifies the classic design with a touch of silver-tone, while the folding clasp is complementing the elegance of the bracelet. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about it getting wet because it features 10-m water resistance.

Grand Seiko Mechanical Model STGR209

The top third on the list in the ranking of the highest rating watches of the Grand Seiko collection is the Grand Seiko mechanical model STGR209. The timepiece is an aesthetic watch from the Grand Seiko collection.  The watch in the dark pink shade is an aesthetic for women nowadays. Wearing this watch makes it so noticeable on your wrist and goes with whatever your outfit for the day is. It would surely complement each other.

For 341,482 Yen or 3,139.05 USD, the Grand Seiko mechanical model STGR209 is composed of a plain silver dial, a silver hour, and hand markers with the logo of Grand Seiko positioned at 12 o’clock. The dual-curved sapphire crystal glass with a non-reflective internal coating and the stainless steel case is securing the durability of the whole timepiece. Lastly, the brilliant silver bezel is beautifully complemented by the dark pink crocodile leather bracelet with a one-push three-fold clasp.

Grand Seiko 9R Spring Drive SBGE213

Making it on the top 4 on the list in the ranking of the highest rating watches of the Grand Seiko collection, the Grand Seiko 9R spring drive SBGE213 is yet another aesthetic and classic timepiece in the Grand Seiko collection. This timepiece is a must-have for all men and would indeed go with whatever outfit on any occasion.

For 598,700 Yen or 5,503.52 USD, the timepiece features a 9R66 calibre and a spring dive system. The timepiece is composed of a dual-curved sapphire crystal glass encasing the black-colored dial with silver-toned hands and hour markers. The date display is at the 3 o’clock position. The back of the case is a see-through, featuring a logo of a lion. The classy and aesthetic appearance of the watch goes with a silver-toned stainless steel bracelet.


Here goes the top 4 highest rating watches of the Grand Seiko collection. A definite must-have in your collection, or it would also be a perfect present to someone celebrating success in life. With whatever occasion is indeed worth wearing, these timepieces, never minding your outfit, will surely compliment it.

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