Google Clock ticks past 1 bn Play Store downloads


(IANS) Google’s Clock app has finally ticked past the one billion installs mark on the Play Store.

Despite just being a simple utility, Google has continued to evolve its clock app with an improved UI, reports Android Police.

Google Clock comes with a Bedtime feature, added in June 2020, that helps elevate it over the other competitors on the Play Store competing for users downloads, the report said.

The feature lets users assign routines, track their bedtime activity and even use sunset alarms to brighten a room before waking up.

It even includes a “Sleep” sound option that plays soft waves, space wooshes and relaxing sounds before you doze off.

Clock, launched in June 2015, can also be synced with apps like Spotify and YouTube Music.

Considering Clock is often bundled with Android, some may write this accomplishment off, but it’s essential to consider what this means for daily routines worldwide, the report said.

Hundreds of millions of people rely on these alarms for waking up each day, making the app quite possibly the most popular alarm clock in use today, it added.

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