Gemini Weekly Horoscope 4th – 10th April 2021

Love and Relationships

Getting hitched may get confusing as issues related to the status of your relationship may soar.However, professional tensions may backstage marriage issues.Gradually things may start materialising as the relationship blooms.This finally may pave way to lead it to the altar. Family issues may see a rise but, if you patiently handle them things may fall back in place. Compromising will be the best solution.Career-oriented people may have to deal tactfully with their colleagues.


The Gemini native may prove to be lucky in the educational field this week.The planetary position suggests a good time for undergraduates. They may do exceptionally well in learning and grasping things.They are advised to remain attentive and concentrate thoroughly on their studies. A focused mind may help them to excel in examinations.Luck may favour students longing to study in reputed overseas universities.Overall an excellent period for education and learning.


Health may be a cause of worry for the Gemini natives. They may get susceptible to viral infections so they are advised to take precautionary measures to keep them at bay.Eating the right kind of stuff may help in keeping them away from digestive disorders. Exercises,workouts or gym visits may ensure good health for them.It may also ease their mental and physical work stress.It is advisable for diabetic patients to follow a strict regime as prescribed by their physician.Avoid sugary foods to cut down on your blood -sugar levels. In general,there may be no major health hassles for the Gemini native.


The Gemini native may stand to gain this week as Jupiter’s favourable influence over the second house, the house of financial gains is affected.There will multiple monetary openings and finance will be the centre for attraction.The exalted Sun’s transit through the eleventh house may possibly give pushups to profits from all directions.There will be opportunities flowing in which may embody prospects of higher earnings.However excessive wealth may lure you into unfair means to double your profits.So watch out and don’t fall for the trap.Above all a week of monetary gains awaits you.


Careerwise the Gemini natives may not get the desired level of success.They may have to harness the reigns of hard work in their pursuits. Mars is headstrong and may give fruitful results but with Saturn’s placement things may not work out in time and this may delay all upcoming assignments.Therefore,you are advised to keep constraint.It may not the ripe time for entrepreneurs to enjoy the fruits of their labour as they may have to put in excessive force to make their dreams turn to reality. Delay in work submission due to workload may give frustrating moments.In spite of ups and downs the week may turn out to be in favour for the Gemini natives.

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