Gemini Weekly Horoscope 11th – 17th April 2021

Love and Relationships

This week does give a good start to your relationship and you are more than likely to be in a happier place by the end of this week. As for those who are unsure of where they stand in a relationship, you are advised to make a decision before it’s too late. Singles are advised to steer clear of flirting with someone at work. The end result may not be in your favour. It may seem innocent enough in the beginning, but it is very important that you don’t jeopardize your professional standing in the office. Those looking for some good alliance are likely to find one this week.


Academically the week may be promising for undergraduate or other diploma students.However,it may be advisable for students to grasp or learn rather than just sit with books in their hands.Concentration and focus are very important when it comes to learning. So ensure you spend time learning subjects rather than idling away.Attentive reading may improve your memory making it easy for you to emphasize on your study course.This may yield excellent results for you making your progress path more smoother.Students desirous of studying in international universities or colleges may get success in obtaining admissions.


The week may give the natives an health hiccup as past ailments may resurface.They may need to be precarious as the symptoms may not appear serious as for now but may nag them in future.They may be advised not to ignore the symptoms and consult their physician to avoid hospitalization and heavy medical bills.Middle or aged elders may become more susceptible to illnesses so they may be advised to be a little more alert.Blood-sugar and pressure levels may shoot up so they so undergingo a complete body scan may avoid further complications.They must make it sure that they follow the prescribed medication and continue till their levels return to normalcy.


Financially you may sound stable during the week.Confidence is a good virtue but don’t let overconfidence evade you. Clinging to shortcuts or unfair means may backfire so make sure you don’t opt for it.Honey traps may consume a large part of your hard-earned money so don’t get carried away by them. Hard and sincere work is the right key to gain wealth.Try and invest in it ,as it may seem tough for now but give lucrative results in the future.With the transit of the Sun and Mercury in the 11th house lady luck may shower you with abundant wealth.Plan out your income and channelize it in the best way and avoid lavish spending. Savings are for a brighter future so realise its worth and invest now!


Businessmen may need to pull up their socks and pursue hard work to get a sales boost.They may explore places for expansion of business territories.However,this may yield results in the long run so they may not instant results.Sincere and constant hard work does pay off in future so learn to be patient and don’t plunge into unlawful means to accumulate wealth.Failures are stepping stones towards success. Follow this motto and move ahead.Your efforts may bring you glory in the coming days so don’t get disheartened.Lucrative job yielding opportunities may flow your way.A team effort may give excellent results.Remember,hard times may have held you down, but they may not last forever.

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