Four ways you can set your child up for life

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Every parent wants their child to grow up healthy and happy, and to thrive in their future adult life. The lessons learnt in childhood provide a strong foundation on which to build their future success, and as a parent, you have the power to ensure that your child has the best start possible in life. To help you out and give you some tips, here are four ways that you can set your child up for life.

1. Support their academic learning

Achieving high exam grades is essential for progressing to higher education and, eventually, a well-paying career. However, it is not purely the teachers’ and school’s responsibility to ensure that your child achieves their full potential – as their parent you should be doing what you can to support their academic learning. Engage them in conversation about what they are learning at school; if they are struggling in a particular subject, you could hire a private tutor for personal support. Make sure that all homework is completed on time and to a high standard, and offer your assistance whenever possible if your child is struggling. 

2. Find the right school

The school your child attends can have a huge impact on their future prospects and overall happiness and wellbeing. Top results and academic success are important – you want to be sure that your child will be pushed to achieve their full potential. However, there are additional factors you should consider when choosing a school. A full and varied programme of extracurricular activities, such as that provided by Rugby School Thailand, will supplement your child’s academic education, helping them to grow into a well-rounded individual. A strong pastoral team and ethos of kindness can help to reduce the likelihood of bullying, ensuring that your child has a happy and positive experience of school.

3. Encourage creativity

With so much emphasis placed on academic performance, creative subjects, like art and dance, can often be placed in a lesser light. However, evidence points towards the huge benefits of creativity in boosting your mood and happiness and increasing cognitive function. Encourage your child to express themselves by supporting creative hobbies like painting and writing, and taking them to music and dance lessons arranged by Tutor City. Furthermore, be encouraging of all their creative efforts to give them the confidence to continue to express themselves creatively. 

4. Encourage an active lifestyle

Leading an active lifestyle consisting of regular exercise and a balanced diet is a habit that is best established in childhood. Demonstrate to your kids that exercise is fun, not a chore. Exercise as a family with fun activities like a family walk or bike ride, or a weekly trip to the swimming baths. You could also enrol your child into a sports team that they enjoy; not only will they get regular exercise, but they will also make new friends and learn valuable life skills such as team work and perseverance. The practice of winning and losing that sports provides can prove valuable in the cutthroat corporate world.

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