Four Reasons Why The Best Don’t Usually Win

We often notice the best and the most talented people seldom reach the top, and they’re stuck in the mediocre level at best. 

Here are four reasons why:

Pride: Even the stupidest person on earth knows he is stupid; however, no human wants another human to make him feel dumb even if he knows he is silly. However, when someone is good at something, things change. Most of them turn arrogant.

The wise men and women learn to dampen their gifts rather than flaunt them. People tend to exaggerate a humble person’s talents and downplay an arrogant person’s skills no matter how unique that talent is.

You don’t need pride in your life. Trust, pride, and arrogance is a catalyst to destruction. Lie low and focus on doing your thing. Someday, you won’t have to sing your praises. Somebody would do it for you, and everyone would come looking for you. And remember, pride is an inverted expression of very low self-esteem. Just like a humble old politician, always maintain your calm.

Jack of All Trades: Trust be out in the open; in life, no one individual can do it all alone. We all humans were created with a void that only human partners can fill. We may be the first to hit our annual target at work, be the best leader, the best college student, the brightest in our town, etc., but that is not sufficient. We need to recognize the usefulness of other people in achieving our goals in life. A person you take as trivial today may destroy your future tomorrow. Don’t do everything alone and learn to outsource.

Team Work or lack of: Life is just like a basketball bout where everybody is important. Please don’t say I scored the points and won us the game. You may have been the one that played the best, but you absolutely didn’t pass the ball to yourself. Success is not one person’s thing. It is a group effort. Always use “We” more than “I.” It’s something that would genuinely make you stand out when growth comes. One fascinating thing about brilliant people is that they like to take fame for everything. They feel discouraged when their success is shared with others. Sometimes we need to surrender our selfish desires for team growth. It’s a willing sacrifice you must make every time.

Unnecessary comparison: I like to observe the world as a garrison. It is all about challenges and warfare, I agree, but not suicide missions. Some individuals find out that everybody hates them, and they just think nothing is wrong with them. You can’t battle everybody. Never think of this as an option.

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