Eco-friendly Craft Tips for Budding Artists

The papers used by a typical population in the 21st Century contribute immensely to global temperature rise. The primary reason for Global Warming includes the kind of paper you use. 

So, rather than using paper that generates problems in the environment, why not opt for environmentally friendly paper? 

Today, let’s explore few ways to make your craft more ecofriendly and sustainable.

  1. Please turn off your sewing/cutting machines when they aren’t in use: This seems like a simple step that I shouldn’t even mention. However, we must know that the higher the electricity demand, the more carbon dioxide is produced. Carbon dioxide and other carbon gases are the major causes of Global Warming. If we could just turn off our machines when they’re not in use, we could potentially save a substantial amount of electricity.
  2. Recycle packaging, old glass bottles, clothes, even for craft: Rather than randomly throwing away old jars, glass bottles, old clothing, packaging from recent online deliveries, and any other materials you may have picked over the past few months, why not recycle them? Breathing new life into anything is recycling. Go for it, it is simple but effective, and so numerous writers are repeating it every damn time. Recycle all leftovers and scraps as well.
  3. Cooking Paper Making Techniques: Cooking: Employ eco-friendly paper-making techniques and use only those papers that cause minimum damage to the environment. One of the ways is cooking paper. The wood chips from the harvested trees are fed to the equipment identified as digesters. These wood chips are then infused with cookery liquors, either white or black liquor. This digestion process takes a long time and that too at a very high temperature of about 130 to 180 degrees Celsius. Such maintained circumstances degrade the lignin and hemicellulose into pieces that are soluble in the solid alkaline liquid. This method gives a hard thick pulp that is brown colored, and after the pulp is collected, it is cleaned by washing. During this process of cooking, the nucleophilic bonds are broken. This is an easy way to get eco-friendly paper. However, you can also use bleaching as a technique. 
  4. Be creative with shopping bags. Use them as props and raw materials for your craft ideas.
  5. Make sustainability a part of your life: Lastly, be sustainable in everything. Use sustainable products, replace synthetic glue with natural alternatives, replace plastic bottles with wooden ones. The butterfly effect will take its’ course – small steps will transform the world into a better place. 

Is there any ways to be more environmentally friendly that you have put into practice? Do mention them in the comments below.

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