Do you want to walk around the market with a glow as a new mother?

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Have you ever noticed those pregnant ladies walking around the market with that “glow” and a massive smile on their faces or that new mom with her newborn in the shopping cart seeming just as happy as can be? 

Do you want to have the same massive smile on your face as a new mother? 

Here are a few tips.

  1. Me-Time: After the delivery, you might be sore and somewhat uncomfortable. But mothers are blessed with a strength almost like the wolverine (from X-men, remember?) to phase out stronger than before, each time they are bruised. The day will go in a blur, particularly if you have lots of people visiting you. Despite all of it that is whizzing around you, I would say make time to engage in a simple breathing exercise or meditation. Do whatever is comfortable. This is a practice you can set for, say, about 20 minutes a day, so that from now on, as your kid grows and however demanding the day gets, you have shelved 20 minutes of peaceful me-time. Focus on your health.
  2. Feeding Habit: There are only a couple of things that a newborn needs during the first few weeks/months of life – proper sleep and enough milk. Whether you formula feeds or breastfeed your baby, ensure to offer her a feed on demand. Record your infant’s feed-me cues and begin feeding before she starts to wail. Doing this will help you understand your child more, and if there is proper understanding, motherhood will become a cakewalk.
  3. Sleep: Since sleeping is the most important activity after feeding for a newborn, it should be your first responsibility to design a safe sleeping atmosphere for both of you. Regardless of you make your infant sleep in a crib or cot, always use a soft baby mattress that not only gives your baby a surface to sleep on but also keeps him away from the risk of unintentional suffocation. If the baby sleeps well, you will sleep well, and only then can you flaunt your smile in public. 
  4. Help: Whether you’re at your own home or in hospital, do not be scared or cautious to seek advice from experienced folks on how you should correctly take care of your baby. Try to know the critical aspects of maternity and get information on lactation and breastfeeding. You can ask your sisters, mom, or friends how they used to handle their newborns. No knowledge is dangerous. 
  5. Eat Green: Well, this one is that special food item that must be on your dining table due to its numerous benefits. Green leafy vegetables include spinach, and broccoli is very much essential for new moms. Green leafy vegetables are very rich in Vitamin C, iron, and vitamin A. These minerals and vitamins help breastfeeding moms gain nutrients and carry them on to their babies. Green leafy vegetables have meager calorific value and are also a rich source of calcium and anti-oxidants. Both of these are highly required for both the mom as well as her baby. If you eat healthily, you will not be a moody new mother, and you would carry your spark everywhere. 

Motherhood is a beautiful experience and if you are lucky enough to become one, make it enjoyable and fun. This will not only keep your newborn healthy, but it will also help you live a life worth dying for.

To make motherhood successful, eat healthily, learn from experience, sleep well, and have good me-time.

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