Cancer Weekly Horoscope 25th April – 1st May 2021

Love and Relationships

The week may make you slightly self-obsessed which may forbid you from mingling around with people. However, mid-week may bring some positive changes. You may need to stay abreast as there may be ups and downs in the latter part of the week which may put hurdles in your way. Ganesha advises you to stay calm as they may be temporary roadblocks and make you wiser to handle such situations in the future. Make sure you put in your best to save a relationship from sabotage by avoiding unnecessary clashes.


Students are likely to spend time learning and memorizing things. This may lead to an average success rate in their performance. Nonetheless, this may enliven their spirits and they may remain optimistic in their future pursuits. Ganesha advises them to keep themselves motivated and channelize their energies in the right direction. Notwithstanding this, they may carry a positive outlook and may stand to gain appreciation from mentors and teachers.


Cancer natives may keep up with their vital meters as they may get away with past ailments while steadily progressing towards recovery. They may retain back the normalcy and successfully maintain their health parameters. Regular practicing Yoga or Pranayam may help you to avoid major health issues and also recover from past ailments. This may help you feel elevated as you stay motivated and get more productive. No major ailments are foreseen as the week promises good tidings for you healthwise during this phase.


An excellent week for financial growth and gain. Though you may be interested in multiple areas, Ganesha advises you to stay connected to the fundamental areas in the early part of the week. Some issues may pose a dilemma about how to carry on with responsibilities, but the mid-week may give way to productivity and finesse eventually putting up financial gains in the latter half of the week. This phase may make you bold enough to accept challenges strongly. However, the week may close on a promising note leaving a significant positive impact on your financial fortune.


A positive week careerwise. You may strengthen your position at the work front. However, you may confront new challenges in the early part of the week. As opportunities arise the level of problems may start diffusing as the week progresses. Make sure you don’t get deterred from the success path as the weekend may bring difficult times ahead as you face hurdles that may pose a threat to your success. Stars predict average results for businessmen. They may have to exert pressure to get high worth customers to strike major deals that may face delays.

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