Cancer Weekly Horoscope 11th – 17th April 2021

Love and Relationships

Love couples may not receive the expected reception from their beloved which may bring discomfort in the relationship.But they may be advised to remain composed. Time is the best healer and their partner may need some space to get accustomed to situations.At home the Gemini native may face stress and anxiety as petty issues may destroy the peaceful atmosphere.They may be advised to remain calm and patiently try to resolve the discord before situations turn uncontrollable. Maintaining peace may be their priority for the moment.Those in marriage may need to give a helping hand to their partner in household chores and take positive steps to resolve differences.


Hard work is the only key to success.They may prove ideal for students who may have to strive harder to get through their study course. Distractions may deter them and they may not be able to get focused.Yoga and meditation may help them to get through this difficult time.It may help them to retain their focus and concentrate on better learning.Stress levels may decline bringing in positivity and enthusiasm to move ahead successfully.Post graduates and doctoral study course students may undergo the same stress level as distractions may create ridges.These hurdles may make them fall short of time lagging them far behind in their syllabus.However, they may not get disheartened as a temporary hard phase passes away quickly.Things may fall in place gradually.


Healthwise Gemini natives may need to stay more alert. Street food and unhygienic drinking water may make them susceptible to viral infections.Left eye complications may nag them this week .It may be advisable for them to see an eye specialist to ease the discomfort.Overindulgence in oily or spicy food may give older patients an unhealthy digestive system.So they may need to eat a balanced diet to remain fit.Pressure and diabetic patients may be recommended to get a thorough body scan. Adequate and light exercises may help them in getting back their levels to normalcy.


The financial status of the Gemini natives may rise in the forthcoming week.A strong and stable monetary status will embody them and they may keep progressing with more opportunities flushing in.They may get lucrative offers to strengthen their financial status.However, greed may get them to lose a large part of their earnings so they may be cautioned to surf all options before plunging into any big deal.Excessive cash inflows may attract them to spend lavishly.So they may be advised to curb unnecessary expenses and learn the importance of savings.This golden advise may help them to cope up in catastrophic situations.


At work professionals may face heat and pressure from seniors to increase their efficiency levels. They may be given formulas to enhance their productivity and speed up for success. Constant pressure may make them insecure about their positions and they may face anxiety.This may adversely affect their working skills and bring down their confidence.Business professionals may succeed in retaining their past customers and getting new trade deals.Although,they may need to go through a pre-check before getting into new business ventures.They must refrain from making financial transactions with newly formed contacts.Those interacting with Government and Non-government organisations may continue with their share of profitable margins.However,it may need to make them take utmost care for timely delivery of goods.

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