Art of Living provides assistance in fighting Covid-19 in Madhya Pradesh

The non-government organisation (NGO) ‘Art of Living’ will contribute to the ongoing fight against coronavirus infections in Madhya Pradesh, said the Art of Living’ founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar during a telephonic conversation with Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

Chouhan said the support of Yoga and Ayurveda would be taken to boost the immunity against Covid-19 infection and improve the health of the people affected by the virus.

The team of the ‘Art of Living’ would provide support through Yoga, Ayurveda and necessary guidance to protect patients from mood swings and boost their morale. To mitigate conditions such as restlessness, anxiousness, anxiety, stress and depression as a result of Covid-19 infection, guidance would also be provided to the infected patient on taking a healthy nutritious diet during the treatment of the infection.

Guidance in relation to yoga, pranayam, asanas and diet would be provided through video calls and phone calls to persons living in home isolation and Covid-care centres. The Jan Abhiyan Parishad would coordinate and cooperate in this activity.

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