Aries Weekly Horoscope 18th – 24th April 2021


Love and Relationships

Those in love or looking forward to getting into a relationship might find the time very suitable as you may get some good proposals this week. You may get chances to spend some quality moments with your partner. Your partner’s suggestions might help you get the desired results at your workplace. Financial help from a loved one may be also indicated for the week. Traveling with your partner may help you to get closer to each other. A change in residence may be on the cards as you may spend some enjoyable moments with in-laws.


Students may need to develop a positive approach to studies. They may need to plan a timetable to secure good grades in their examination. Past performance may pressurize them to work harder. However, the week may be promising as you may perform well not only in your examinations but also crack a job interview. You may have to relocate for higher studies to distant places. This may emotionally affect you as you may feel low staying away from family and friends. You may develop homesickness that may drive you towards depression during the week. It may be advisable for you to keep in touch with loved ones through chats or calls which may eventually boost your confidence.


Aries may need to get more precarious about their health as lifting heavy objects might give them sudden muscle pain during the week. The planetary movement suggests you may have headaches or eye pain so make sure you wear glasses while working on your laptops for a stretched period. Mediation may be helpful to get rid of excessive work pressure and get sound sleep. Early morning walks in the open air may help you to remain fit and fine.


The week may be promising as you may get good financial help from your partner. You may get opportunities for savings but with a rise in some unplanned expenses. Those entangled in legal matters may need to keep aside reserves for documentation and paperwork. Businessmen may get lucrative returns from past investments. Property related matters may incur expenses for the week but might give good returns shortly. There may be some expenses on the domestic front which may need to get allocated so that they don’t weigh on your pocket. Short term investments may pay off well with the help of expert advice.


Professionals may get additional responsibilities at work. They may get an interesting opportunity along with a promotion but it may also give them some stressful moments. Unplanned travel may be indicated for the week. Sudden recognition at the workplace or success in an interview might leave you fully satisfied. Those in the garment or electronics business may crack lucrative deals as luck may favor them during the week. A business deal may bring out some unplanned traveling for the week.

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