Aries Weekly Horoscope 11th – 17th April 2021

Love and Relationships

Minor issues may reshape to major ones so make sure you don’t get argumentative.Forgiving can help sustain the charm of the relationship so don’t let a wrong behaviour or attitude spoil the play.Humility may help do the needful.Don’t get strained if you see the relationship hitting the rocks as time is the best healer.Things may gradually fall in place so learn to be patient.Being opinionated can be a major reason for misunderstanding but using the correct vocabulary at times may change the meaning of a sentence.So you may need to be very cautious with your words while dealing with a loved one.Words are powerful tools that either heal,soothe or hurt.


The 5th house is linked with an individual’s education and academic growth.With the Sun moving through this sign students and academicians may reach the pinnacle of success.Undergraduates or diploma course holders may shine out with flying colours.They may grow inquisitive as to how to acquire more knowledge by various sources. This may sharpen their memory and help them to focus on deeper learning. Post graduates or doctoral degree students may look out for day jobs to help them cope with their routine expenses.However, they may understand that learning must be their only aim as for now.They may devote their time to studies as any sort of distraction may deter them from acquiring the desired results.


Healthwise the Aries native may shine brightly like the Sun.There may be positive vibes everywhere and this may refresh the natives life. They may be in good physical health.But as Saturn is transiting from the 11th house there may be some negative effects on the native’s health.Minor ailments may surface. In case of deteriorating health conditions it may be advisable for them to seek medical aid.They may need to be very careful with their eyes especially the left eye as any sort of discomfort may complicate the case.They may be advised to meet an ophthalmologist to avoid future complications.


Money may add glamour in the Aries native’s life.With the movement of Mars and Saturn making a transit through the 11th house,the native may have substantial financial growth. It is also the house of opportunities and monetary gains.This may increase the financial status of the person ,but at the same time he may be lured to get into unfair means to increase his monetary gains.He may fall into honey traps which may make him lose a large part of his income in future.Jupiter’s positive influence in the 2nd house may make him financially stable.He may come across opportunities that may give him promising rewards in the long run.Over all the week may monetarily be party time for Aries natives.


The 9th house is governed by Jupiter and has a major role to play in the luck factor.But with Ketu’s malefic effect Jupiter’s positivity may seem to vanish.Traders or business may have to put in more efforts to attain desired results. However,in spite of hard work no major deals may materialise.There may be no substantial growth and businesses may continue running monotonously.Work professionals may shine out efficiently as they stand to gain voluntary help from their seniors.Those looking out for a job switch may stand to gain as the latter may bring in better prospects.Team work may be rewarding.

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