Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 18th – 24th April 2021

Love and Relationships

Conflicts in love relationships may cause emotional detachment. Miscommunication may play the spoilsport for love birds. Make sure you don’t play the blame game. Spending quality time with a loved one may play a pivotal role in the relationship. There may be some stressful moments as ego clashes and arguments with your partner may rise. Married couples may face some challenges as miscommunication may create differences. Make sure you get vocal about your feelings to avoid any sort of misunderstanding. A small get together at your in-law’s place may lighten your mood. Couples involved in legal hassles may face emotional turmoil during the week. Get into friendly terms with your partner and learn to get more on the forgiving end.


Students pursuing master’s degree courses may get success. Those aspiring to study overseas may get a golden opportunity to make their dreams come true. Learning new subjects and improving skills may open doors to recognition in the forthcoming week. It may be advisable for you to keep away from bad company as it may adversely affect your studies. Plan out a timetable and start with baby steps to reach your goal. You may come across challenges that may demotivate you. Make sure you stop dreaming about your dream job and progressively work harder to make it possible through determination and perseverance. Learn to stay positive. A good week for students who may be undergoing a language study course.


Getting aggressive may only bring ill-effects to health. Hectic work schedules may enhance stress levels so make sure you resort to mediation and stick to a healthy balanced diet. Light exercises may keep you mentally and physically strong. The Saturn and Jupiter transit might give you challenges on the health front. Knee pains may erupt causing some discomfort during the week. Regular exercises may help you to maintain healthy energy levels. Take special care of your health, especially your eyes during the week.


Those engaged legal battles may face losses. It may not be a favorable period for speculation and may need to take an expert’s help. The Mars transit may emotionally detach you from making important decisions that may put you in losses. Unplanned expenses may rise due to long term traveling to pilgrim places. Expenses related to home-related matters or paperwork may be on the toll. A small party at home may add up to your payments. Your friends and siblings may give you suggestions and options to enhance savings. There may be possible gains from your family, especially your mother. Expenses on the domestic front as you may soar as you may plan to change the interiors of the house and buy gifts for family members.


Those natives looking forward to working overseas may get a job. The Venus transit may make you creative and artistic that may subsequently draw success. With the transit of Mercury media professionals, journalists or writers may get a good opportunity to work in reputed firms or organizations. However, emotional decision making may hamper your strengths at the workplace making it necessary to adopt an analytical approach. Moreover, routine chores may be managed. Hectic work schedules may offer you some stress and anxiety during the week. Make sure you pay heed to expert’ advice before making speculative deals in the share market.

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