Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 11th – 17th April 2021

Love and Relationships

Love may capture the Aquarius natives this week as they may get strongly attracted towards a person of the opposite sex in their neighbourhood.The relationship may blossom well as feelings may be mutual.However,they may need to tread carefully before they get into serious commitments.Petty fights may spoil the atmosphere at home.They may need to resolve the matter peacefully.The home is after all where the heart is! This motto may make opt for solutions to keep the environment friendly.Office going persons may need to adopt cordial relations with their colleagues as dire circumstances may make them turn towards their co-workers.


Students may need to get more practical and avoid getting into unnecessary things other than academics.However co-curricular activities may keep them busy around the week.But they may need to give education the topmost priority.In case they deter from the learning process they may suffer as it may adversely affect their final results.Post graduate and doctoral degree students may need to get focused in studies.Perseverance and hard work are the only tools which may finally lead them to success.Meditation may help them through this difficult phase.It may enhance their memory and get them focused on their study course.


The Aquarius native may shine with good health all during this week. They may face no major health issues. Going on regular morning walks and light exercises may help them to retain their physical stamina.Gymming and cycling may be options to be explored.Minor eating disorders may disturb their digestive system.Avoiding junk food and planning a healthy diet chart may put their system back on the right track.They may need to drive carefully as superficial injuries cannot be rule out.


Finance may take a backseat for Aquarius natives.The period doesn’t show promising results on the monetary front.Although there may be few inputs for cash flows.To balance the same they make need to cut down on unnecessary expenses and keep aside cash for contingency needs.Routine needs may be looked after very well.They may brim them up with confidence as the week shows some monetary gain during this period. Hard work and perseverance may get them through bad times so they need to get patient when things may not move as per their expectations.They may follow the rule that hard times don’t last long but strong people do!


Difficult times may not deter professionals from their intentions. They may keep working hard during the week. This may be the most important phase of their life as it may become necessary to bring up their efficiency levels.This may help them in retaining their position in the organization.Competition may keep business working on methods to improve their skills and getting innovative ideas to expand their vicinity.Implementing new techniques may help them to increase their customer base.However,they may make considerable profits through short trips.Being extra cautious with important documents, money and refraining from making important business decisions may prove ideal for them during the week.

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