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When the founder of Locksmith For NYC, moved to New York City, back in 2005, he wanted to start a new life with an honest career. For him, it was never just about earning the top dollar but more about helping people while he was at it. Having a passion for locks, the visionary locksmith was disappointed to see the unsatisfactory condition of the industry in the city. 

Finally, in 2008, he decided to enter the business and founded what is now one of the leading locksmith businesses in the area, Locksmith For NYC. The business was started with the vision of bringing integrity and transparency back to the field of locksmiths in the city.

Carrying Forward the Legacy

Locksmith For NYC focuses on providing the clients with the totality of privacy and security services under one roof. The goal here is to make you feel protected and secure in your house. 

Locksmith For NYC is a business that understands that every client has a unique set of needs when it comes to security. They design solutions that are custom-made for the client to make sure that they get nothing less than what is perfect for them. 

Not the Lowest Prices

Locksmith For NYC is not advertised as the lowest-price service provider in the city neither is it the highest-charging one. The prices are adjusted to be optimal that can provide the clients the services of the most skilled technicians and the best quality parts. The service is always provided in the quickest way possible.

Some Words from the Master Locksmith 

Here’s what the founder, owner, and chief executive of the business have to say about Locksmith NYC

“Locksmith For NYC is not just my business it is my gift.
It’s my opportunity to do more for others.
I’ll take the opportunity to surpass your expectations.
I truly will do more for you than anyone else in the locksmith industry, I’ll show you the difference.
In all my years in the locksmith business.

I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the highest achievers on the planet and I can say with absolute certainty that I will give you the highest level of services and support.
Every day I wake up excited and energized to help and support our clients and accounts, every day is a good opportunity to build new relationships and do good business.”

– Owner of Locksmith For NYC.

The Values of an Honest Locksmith 

Locksmith For NYC is a business built around two values that are observed by everyone on the payroll of the company. These are: 

  • Integrity, and,
  • Quality of work.

The owner believes that the customers must be treated like friends and family. It means that when they quote a price, they complete the work within the said price. If they claim to be there with you in an hour, you can bet a million dollars they will be there.

There For You All The Time 

Accidents do not follow office hours. You can lose the keys in the middle of the night (you are more likely to). Your child can throw the key down a gutter on a Sunday. For these and many more reasons, Locksmith For NYC operates round the clock, seven days a week. No matter what time it is you can count on these people to help you get access to your property if you happen to miss the keys or if the lock refuses to open.

Licensed by the NYC Consumer Affairs 

It is a big thing to let someone play with your locks. How can you be sure they can be trusted? One of the things that can make a locksmith worthy of your trust in them being licensed with the Consumer Affairs Department. 

Locksmith For NYC is registered and licensed with the Consumer Affairs Department of the city of New York. 

All the work done by these people is in compliance with the residential and commercial building codes applicable in NYC.

A Business Keeping Up With the Technological Advancements

To be a successful locksmith, it is of cardinal importance to be in on the latest technology that’s coming in every other day. To make sure that they are always properly equipped and up-to-date to help you in any lock-related situation, Locksmith For NYC owner and his team make sure that they are on the speed with the latest tech coming to the field. 

No matter if it is a biometric lock, an atypical lock, or any latest lock of any type, Locksmith For NYC has all that needs to fix it. 

They Don’t Just Open the Doors 

Being a locksmith is not just about helping you get access back to your home if your keys go missing. There are a number of other things that fall under the domain of a locksmith. The people at Locksmith For NYC Provide the following services for the residents of the entire city of New York from Brooklyn to Manhattan: 

  • Emergency residential and commercial locksmith. 
  • Lock change and repair. 
  • Lock installation and replacement. 
  • Apartment lockout rescue. 
  • Lock rekeying and key duplication.
  • Broken Car Key Extraction. 
  • Car lockout services. 
  • Car key duplication.
  • Car ignition replacement. 

The services of Locksmith For NYC actually span beyond just doors. They provide services that are not usually provided by locksmiths. These services include: 

  • Apartment fireproof door installation.
  • Child guard installation. 
  • Fire escapes and window guards installation. 

As just locks are not enough to make sure your establishment is fully safe, Locksmith For NYC provides advanced security services too. These include: 

  • Keyless entry system installation. 
  • Security cameras and intercom systems installation.
  • Security control systems.

We hope you never lose the keys to your apartment, but if you do, here are the details of the business that can help you get access back to your property. 

Company: Locksmith For NYC
Address : 120 Riverside Blvd, New York, NY 10069
Country : United States 
Phone: (917) 696-8842
Website : https://www.locksmith4nyc.com/ 

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