9 reasons to travel alone

The biggest trend in the field of travel today is solo traveling. That is, lonely travellers. Those who do not wait for others to get their permission to make their travel dreams come true. In all of them we take off our hats and follow their example. Travelling offers you the freedom to go anywhere you like. You can explore local restaurants, bars, theatres, or casinos. If you are not currently on a trip you can check out NetBet Sport until your next vacation. Let’s see all the great reasons to travel solo.

1. For confidence

The only way to overcome our fears is to do the things we fear. If you are scared of heights, go for bungee jumping in New Zealand. The idea of ​​being alone in a foreign city that does not speak the language may seem a little scary, but the experience is fascinating. The courage and confidence that one gains to do for oneself is at least redemptive.

2. To be your own captain

Traveling solo means complete freedom. You can wake up at any time you want. Eat pancakes every day for breakfast. Spend hours in a coffee shop and read your book. In other words you will do what you want when you want. No waiting. No whining. No disagreement.

3. To learn more

Travel is an alternative education. We learn anything from history to knowing ourselves. There is another kind of clarity when one is thousands of km away from home. It cleanses your head from social obligations, the laws of everyday life. Everything is different. Clearer. And so there is room to discover both yourself and the destination you visit best.

4. To make new friends

When one travels alone one necessarily becomes more extroverted. They become more accessible to those around. They talk more easily with strangers and communication returns to its base. It becomes self-evident again. Refreshing. This is how we make friends from all over the world by meeting other travellers or locals. The latter know the best secrets of their place. Knowing them we can throw away the maps and the traditional travel guides.

5. To make your plans much easier

Planning stress is greatly reduced when the only person we need to satisfy is ourselves. For example it is easier to find a last seat on a sold-out train. In other words, solo travellers are more flexible.

6. To save money

It is much easier to stay within our budget when traveling solo. Everyone has a different budget, and this can lead to big differences in the options for accommodation, food, or transportation. Have you ever travelled with someone who wants to take a taxi all the time?

7. So as not to miss opportunities

How many times have you postponed a trip just because you did not find company? If our friends cannot join, it’s not the end of the world. We refuse to spend our lives waiting for others. We are leaving for Patagonia here and now. Having to think only about your own holidays from work and financial management is so much easier.

8. To be happier with less

Solo travel teaches us to be content with less. It teaches us minimalism in an original way. You will never see someone traveling alone and having two suitcases of junk. When we are alone, there is no one to supervise our luggage while running to the toilet or having a coffee. Somehow, we are trained to be content with less and that way we learn our real needs. Avoid exaggerations. Isn’t that wonderful these days?

9. To inspire others

Our courage to travel alone to the five continents inspires our friends. It gives them the courage to face their fears and to make their travel dreams come true. To live the life they dream of. Perhaps in the end the latter is the most important.

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