8 Leadership Lessons from Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Dwayne Douglas Johnson is better known by his ring name ‘The Rock’ and he is one of the most famous faces on the planet. He is an American producer, former professional wrestler, and actor who also doubles as former Canadian football and American football player. He is just 48 years old but he has achieved more than many people in several lifetimes. This is a piece on the several leadership lessons that can be gleaned from the life of this amazing man. 

  1. Excellence: So many men from various parts of the globe will tell you that they have always admired Johnson right from when they were kids and this is because of the excellence that he exuded in all that he did. From Hollywood movies to his wrestling shows, he showed that he is a man who will stop at nothing to ensure excellence. 
  2. Legacy: Anyone familiar with the history of this legend will realize that he is from a long line of wrestlers. Maintaining the family legacy is very important for him and he is putting in every effort and resources into ensuring that the legacy of his family never disappears. A good leader is always keen on ensuring that the family’s legacy is preserved. 
  3. Experience: There are several ways by which one can gain a lot of experience and Johnson was able to gather his own by being a traveler. Since he was the child of a professional wrestler, he moved around very much and this allowed him to learn a lot about the world and also about the culture of others. This helps one to become even more open-minded and eases up how to relate with others – this is a characteristic needed in interpersonal relations. 
  4. Ambition: One trait that is seen with leaders worldwide is that they are always full of big dreams and remain ambitious. The same thing applies to Johnson because even as a child, he nurtured the goal of joining the FBI or the CIA. He took steps in this direction by proceeding to study and get degrees in physiology and criminology. 
  5. Symbolism: Leaders always have a way of having some forms of symbolism and it is often a way to pass a message or the other across. Johnson does this via the big tattoo that he has on his left arm and chest. The complicated tattoo is seen in males who are given as part of the culture of Samoa because he is Samoan. He explained that the tattoo was not complete until 60 hours and that the tattoo is a tale of not just his ancestors but also his own life too. Many are quick to draw a comparison between his tattoo and the one that is on the Maui character in the movie Moana. 
  6. Perseverance: A good leader must be ready to persevere and not give up in the face of challenges and this particularly seen in the life of Johnson. Even though is a global celebrity of massive iconic status today, when he started, fans did not appreciate him. That was back in the year 1996 but that never deterred him from continuing his exploits. 
  7. Being Human: Even though he is a star, Johnson is still every means a human being and he is never afraid of showing his human side. He might be a hulk with rippling muscles but he is also very much scared of spiders. Good leaders are never worried about being human. 
  8. Selflessness: One of the greatest characteristics of leaders is that they go out of their way to assist others and this is also seen with Johnson. During his teenage years, when he was just 15, he did the unthinkable by saving his frustrated mother from killing herself. 

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