7 Interesting Career Paths for Those with an MA in Education

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Choosing the right career path in life can be tricky. Not everyone automatically knows the path they want to take and the job that is right for them. Often it can take a lot of soul searching, researching, and even a little trial and error to discover the right career for you. It really is no wonder that people often switch careers a number of times throughout their working years; it’s just hard to pick one path that you know you’ll stick to until you retire. 

For those who already hold have a 2:1 or 2:2 honour’s degree, along with relevant work experience, and who feel like it’s time for something different – a career change could be in order. It may be well worth looking into what a Master’s in Education could offer you, as it opens up some rather interesting career paths that you may not even be aware of.

So, let’s take a look at seven jobs that you could pursue with your MA in Education.

Art Teacher

For those with a love of art and art history, imagine being able to share your passion with others and actually teach what you love? An art teacher could be an excellent opportunity to do just that. Remember, art teachers don’t just exist in elementary and high schools, you can also find them in other settings. As a post-secondary art teacher, the average median wage is £40k. This also includes drama and music teachers.

Music Teacher

Also along the lines of the arts is a music teacher. This provides people with a love and talent for music to showcase their skills and help others to learn about music. You may even act as a mentor to budding musicians, which can be pretty fulfilling. 

Adult Literacy Coach

If you like to be able to help others you don’t have to just work with kids, adult educators are also extremely important. As an adult literacy coach you will be working with other professionals to help them develop their skills. This means you could be teaching teachers how to improve such skills as writing, reading, and comprehension. This in turn helps them to be more effective teachers and better equip their own students. 

Now, what makes this interesting is that you won’t be working with just one school and one year group, instead, you can work in a variety of schools with teachers of all levels. It adds a lot of variety to your job and helps to keep it interesting.

Museum Educator

Museum educators are another popular choice for those with an MA in Education. This isn’t a job that not many people know about, and often it gets confused with a museum curator. As a museum educator, your main focus is to provide information about the various objects and exhibitions found in the museum. As for where you’ll be teaching, typically the museum will have a room that resembles a classroom in order for you to go about presentations. You could be teaching museum staff as well as visitors.

Museum workers enjoying higher than average job growth, with the field expected to grow by 11% between now and 2029.

Education Consultant

In this job, you won’t be working with kids, instead, your “students” will be people that work in the education community. In terms of what you’ll be teaching them, it ranges from classroom policies, to new technology, and even information on testing and test scores. You may also act as an advisor for school administrators, the government, school boards, teachers, and even parents. Your main function is to come up with strategies and techniques that will help to put in place new policies.

An education consultant doesn’t typically work with just one client, rather, you will be educating a wide range of people. This is what will help to keep the job fresh and interesting each day.

Corporate Trainer

Big business also needs educators as they need help where corporate training is concerned. New employees will need to be trained, as well as existing ones that need to learn about new procedures, policies, systems, and so forth. You may train people in-person at the workplace or through online seminars, or training sessions in more of a classroom environment. 

You will also have the option of working with large private companies, a corporate training provider, or even go into business for yourself as a consultant. 

Textbook Author

Have you ever picked up a textbook and thought about how it was written? There are authors behind that big book whose job it is to compile the information and put it together in a way that makes sense and is able to appeal to the reader/student. Because all different topics need textbooks, you get a chance to choose those subjects that speak to you, that you have knowledge in, and that you feel passionate about. Typically these authors are hired on a contractual basis, but that’s not all the time.

What to Expect from the MA in Education Program

If you’re not familiar with the MA in Education program, this is a very specialised path that provides you with skills and leadership skills meant to equip you to become an educator. Keep in mind that educators are needed across a wide array of industries and companies. It’s so much more than just a typical teaching job that most people think of when they hear the word “educator”. 

You can check out the MA in Education at a school like the University of Exeter to get a better idea of what the program involves, the topics covered, and just what it can give you upon completion.

So Many Various Paths to Investigate

When it comes to your MA in Education, it can seem like an understatement to say a lot of paths are open to you, as so many careers aren’t in a traditional classroom setting yet will still have you taking the lead as an educator.

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