5 Boat Maintenance Tips Every Watercraft Owner Should Know

The size of the recreational boating market is $43+ billion and growing. With fishing activities on the rise, an increase in investments in the boat rental business, and an increase in recreational boating activities, the market is hot.

Do you have a new boat or are you thinking about investing in one? Know what you’re getting into before you take that leap.

Proper boat care and boat maintenance will keep your boat looking its best while also extending its lifespan. Keep reading to learn five tips to keeping your boat in tip-top shape.

1. Wash It Regularly

Whether you’re talking about the best and boldest boats like scarab jet boats or fishing boats or pontoon boats, it’s necessary to wash your boat after every trip out on the water.

Boat cleaning is especially important after a day on the ocean. Be sure to wash away the salt to prevent it from eating away at the boat’s finish. Added bonus: a clean hull uses less fuel.

2. Take Care of the Engine

Keeping your engine in top shape is important not just for good times on the water but for the safety of you and your passengers as well. Your boat engine needs servicing around every 100 miles of operation or once a year.

Check and change the oil and filter. Use marine-grade oil if performing this service yourself. Otherwise, use a local boat dealer or boat maintenance company to do the oil and filter change.

Replace spark plugs as needed. Check the fuel hoses for cracks and check for water in the fuel.

3. Battery Care

Your boat’s battery should be properly secured to get the most longevity. If it’s bouncing around, the beating it takes will shorten the life of the battery.

Before taking off for the day, check your battery to see that cables are tight on the battery terminals. When your boat is not in use for a week or longer, turn it off so the battery doesn’t drain. Using a battery maintenance charger keeps your battery in full power and helps the battery last longer.

4. Propeller Check

It’s helpful to develop a routine before taking your boat out for the day. Part of the routine should include checking the propeller. Make sure the propeller nut is secure.

When doing more in-depth maintenance, remove the propeller and look for fishing lines or other things that may be caught on the propeller shaft. Inspect it for dents or any other signs of damage.

5. Waxing

Do you want to make your boat easier to keep clean and protect it from harmful UV rays? Wax it on a regular basis. This will keep the boat’s shine and keeping it looking good!

Boat Maintenance Tips

Now that you’ve learned a little about proper boat maintenance, you’ll extend the life of your watercraft. Your boat will be ready to go every time you want to take it out when it is properly maintained. You’ll get to know your boat better as you take the time to care for it.

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