4runner Cross Bars: Allowing You Room to Breathe

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If you’re wondering why 4Runner cross bars are a good purchase, you just have to think about the extra space they free up. The truth is that some people like to travel heavy on their camping trips and when the family’s all coming along, that means squashed legs and not a lot of room to move around. If you’re travelling a number of hours to get to your vacation spot, this lack of legroom and overall space can make things a little trying for anyone.

A crowded or messy interior can put a real strain on family relationships and if it’s hot outside, it might even stop your air conditioning working as well as it should. The result is a much less happy trip and that’s not why you spend time and money organising, is it?

Store Things Up Top For Freedom 

When you have bulkier items to take with you on your trip like tents and sleeping bags, you won’t need telling that they take up a lot of room. However, with 4Runner cross bars up top, you get a wealth of extra storage capacity that lets you store those bigger items without stressing about it. 

Are There Any Drawbacks With 4Runner Cross Bars?

Ok, so these sturdy roof racks allow you to get more roof to move and they make storing bulky items a cinch, but do they have any drawbacks. Well, there aren’t many products out there that don’t have some cons to go along with the pros and from what we’ve seen, there are only a couple of areas in which you might find issues.

The first is one that you have a degree of control over as it relates to weight. With so much storage available with your cross bars, it can be easy to take too much stuff along with you. This is fine, as long as we’re talking about items without too much weight.

An excess of weight can affect handling, as well as making your vehicle less fuel-efficient by reducing your 4Runner’s aerodynamic profile. 4Runner cross bars sit nice and flush against your roof, so they don’t reduce fuel efficiency when not loaded up, but you do have to keep an eye on the total weight of your vehicle once it’s fully loaded with everything for your trip. 

The other problem relates to wind noise, but you pretty much get that with any roof rack, so it’s not really a criticism. This is all that we can really think about when it comes to cons and we’re being nit-picky. 

Want An Easier Time On Holiday? Get Some Cross Bars!

We’re not talking about rocket science here, but you might be surprised just how many people you see jamming everything for their vacations on the inside of their vehicles. For the outlay involved – around $600 – you might be thinking that it’s a bit pricey, but the function 4Runner cross bars provide adds some significant value to your car.

There’s no drilling involved when installing either, so it’s a nice clean way to add extra storage to your Toyota. Designed to evenly distribute any weight that’s placed upon it and ideal for transporting both cargo and using roof-top tents, they’re a must-have for any 4Runner owner.

There are a variety of ways you can invest in your truck to enhance how it drives, what it can carry, what it looks like and how comfortable it is to ride in and crossbars are amongst the most cost-effective. Just ask any other 4Runner owner with a set installed and ask them what they think – we’re pretty sure we know what the answer will be. 

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