4 Photography Tips to Be Confident and Feel Better About Your Body

We all have our own insecurities when it comes to our bodies, and there is nothing like an unflattering photo to bring them to light. It is the responsibility of photographers who take full-length portrait photos to show their subjects looking their best. Expert photographers know how to use poses, aspects, lighting, and editing to ensure that they take shots that will highlight all their subject’s form and beauty while obscuring anything which they don’t like. There are so many things to take into account when taking a full-length portrait photo and they are all vital for getting that perfect shot.

To help all the photographers out there create the best portraits, here are four tips to help your subject feel confident about their bodies. 

1. Create the Perfect Lighting 

The right lighting is a crucial consideration for all types of photos but for portraits, it is particularly important. You always want to avoid harsh, direct lighting as this can cause unwanted shadows and unnatural colors. The photography enthusiasts at www.edgeunderwaterphotography.com explain that shooting underwater can be very flattering for subjects. The soft light which filters through the water creates beautiful shadows and shapes and will give your subjects an ethereal presence. The mermaid-esque scenes which you can create with water underwater photography are perfect for obscuring part of the body which your subject wants to hide while highlighting their favorite parts.

2. Choose the Right Lens

The right lens for a full-length portrait is different from those used for headshots. For a standard portrait, most photographers will use a 50mm lens but you should use a longer lens for capturing your subject’s entire body. Lenses between 85mm and 200mm are the ideal length and will give you more control over image compression. You can also blend the subject and background together more easily with a longer lens which will enable you to hide and reveal the right parts of the body. 

3. Play with Perspective

Our bodies look different from different angles and so it is vital that you play with perspective and angles to find the most flattering shot. Try taking photos from different sides or from behind with your subject looking over their shoulder. Legs and arms can be repositioned to create and accentuate the beautiful shapes and poses your subject makes. You can even take a photo of your subject’s silhouette to hide any elements of their appearance they don’t like such as stretch marks or blemishes. 

4. Use Editing Software Effectively

Taking the photo is only half the job of a great photographer. For the best full-length portraits, you also need to be able to edit the photos after the shoot using editing software. Editing can be used to remove wrinkles, soften sharp angles and lines, and create shadows in the right places. Just make sure not to overdo it on the editing because that will make the photos look unnatural. 

There are many fantastic ways to capture beautiful shots which will show your subject in the best light. Use these tips to create perfect portraits which will help your subjects feel confident about their bodies. 

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