4 incredible ways to put your leftover Plastic Containers to artistic use

paint roller and brush on plastic tray
Photo by Blue Bird on Pexels.com

Every summer has some rainy days, and when your kids are bored, they don’t feel like doing anything and just eat and sleep. But nighttime is the only bedtime, and if your kids are indoors, it’s time to get creative with these four incredible ways to put your leftover Plastic Containers to artistic use!

  1. Plastic Octopus

Turn any place into an under-the-sea experience with this fun companion! Place a large container upside down on some paper and paint the Octopus’ body your favorite color. While that’s drying, cut out eight large strips of colored paper. Laying the initial strip out in front of you, fold about 2cm from the bottom back on itself, then twist. Measure another 2cm and fold it back on itself – you should have the inceptions of a wiggly leg! Repeat until all eight legs wiggle at you and then add to the body with tape or glue. Finally, add a smile and some big googly eyes. To hang, poke a pencil through the container’s lid, thread string through, and carefully tie a knot in the top.

  1. Make a Birdhouse

Begin by carving out a circle into the top of the container. Then, using scissors, pierce the lid just beneath this circle and push a small length of dowel rod through (about 5cm should be enough). Stick the top to the container using a quick glue and leave upside down for 30 minutes to dry. Then color the birdhouse – you could make a country cottage or a block of flats. Cut another neat lid in two to make a large triangular roof.

  1. Flower Pot

This one might take time to see results, but it is fabulous fun nonetheless. Paint the plastic box in bright colors and leave it to dry. Chance a wet trip out into the garden or the garden center for some seeds and a little soil. When the pot is dry, add the soil and make a slight impression on it with your finger. Properly plant the seeds and cover. Don’t forget to add labels, name badges, and water regularly!

  1. Room Light

With some fairy and light-colored, upside-down container, you can have a night light ready in minutes. White tubs work best for this; it doesn’t even matter what shape it is. For added magic, draw some shapes, characters, or stars onto the tub to cast incredible shadows as you drift off to sleep.

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