1 dead, 5 injured in Texas shooting

Hypothetical Crime Scene

The police said that the shooting took place at an industrial complex at around 2.30 p.m. on Thursday in the town of Bryan, about 160 km northwest of Houston, and four of the five wounded victims were in serious condition, reports Xinhua news agency.

One of the injured victims has been identified as a Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) trooper who was shot during a search operation for the suspect.

According to Texas DPS, the officer remained in serious but stable condition.

Bryan Police Chief Eric Buske told reporters he believed the suspect is an employee at the cabinet-making business where the shooting happened.

He said the man was believed to be solely responsible for the shooting.

According to police, the shooter was arrested later in Bedias, a community about 40 km northeast of Bryan.

The reason for the shooting is yet to be determined as several law enforcement agencies are investigating the inceident.

After the shooting, Texas Governor Greg Abbott praised the law enforcement’s swift act of arresting the suspect.

“The state will assist in any way needed to help prosecute the suspect,” he said.

This incident is the latest in a series of shootings that have occurred across the country in recent days.

On March 31, four people, including a nine-year-old boy, were killed during a mass shooting in the city of Orange, California state.

On March 22, 10 people, including one police officer, were killed in a mass shooting at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado.

On March 16, a series of mass shootings occurred at three spas or massage parlours in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia, which killed eight people including six Asian women.

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