Wolo Codes App is now taking GPS Technology to new levels


A Wolo Code is a simple precise address that can be navigated to by GPS directly.

The “Wolo Codes” app solves the address problem by combining GPS technology with linguistics. With just 3 simple words, Wolo Codes lets users pinpoint any address within a city, that they can navigate to using their preferred maps app on their smartphones.

With the smartphone equipped with GPS technology and fast internet connection becoming ubiquitous – more and more users have started using maps applications on their smartphones to get to popular places directly.

While businesses and popular points of interests often have a listing on the digital maps platform, an individual’s precise address often does not get to be listed on the maps app. Moreover generic and common names usually create confusion. Additionally there are businesses that are yet not listed on the maps. In such cases, even with the GPS technology available, users cannot use it to get to the exact addresses. Geo coordinates like 27.4326N,32.4653E that could be used to specify an address are complicated numbers. They are next to impossible to remember, difficult to communicate and thereby useless for majority of the public.

Wolo Codes alleviates these issues by providing the same coordinate in a different format, i.e. through words that we are all familiar with – which makes it far easier to use and communicate.

Wolo Codes transform the exact coordinates into simple words.
Example: \ cat apple tomato /

The actual coordinates are obtained from the words directly. The goal of the app is to make users not have to repeat or worry about accuracy. Along with using only simple words, the app also ensures very high precision in tiny margins of distance like 2 meters. This makes it ideal even for the smallest of homes in underdeveloped and highly crowded areas, such as slums.

Unlike most other competing solutions that generate short codes for a provided address – Wolo codes are already prepared for every single location and thus do not need to be registered and synced to a central server. Thus, they are usable offline without any additional efforts from the user’s end.

The App is available on Google Play Store and the Web.

A user can either download the app from Play Store for an Android Smartphone or go to the website: wolo.codes using their smartphone’s browser. The default screen in the app is straightforward and has a simple form. Entering a Wolo code opens the corresponding coordinate in the maps app or ride sharing app. 

For a Wolo Code to be easily distinguishable from the rest of the words – it has to be enclosed in a leading backslash: ‘ \ ’ and an ending forward slash: ‘ / ’.
Example: \ cat apple tomato /

The same app can also be used to find the Wolo code of any given place on the map, either by searching for its popular name or by pointing to it on the map. 

Ujjwal Singh, the creator of Wolo Codes, had first invented a generic system to communicate digital data with words from a set of just 1024 words and had named it WCodes. In 2013, he even presented a working prototype on a crowdfunding platform and his website wcodes.org, that brought coordinates and words together.

His plan is to popularize the system and to issue standard labels to businesses and individuals with Wolo Codes for their addresses. The labels can be sized like business cards with the Name of the place and Wolo Code written on them. He is looking to raise funds for marketing and forging partnerships with various companies that rely on geolocation to benefit from simple, hassle free, precise and unambiguous addressing.

As mentioned earlier, the app is available on Play Store and as a web app – for free.

  • Website: wolo.codes
  • Details: wolo.codes\about
  • App: wolo.codes\get
  • Play Store: Wolo Codes
  • Technology: wcodes.org

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