Why are Dragonfly Tattoos the best tattoo choice in 2021

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Dragonfly Tattoos

With the extreme growth in demand for tattoos in recent times, it seems that everyone is out there trying to determine what is the best image to embellish themselves with and show off to the world! Some prefer crosses or stars; some want dark Celtic tattoos on their skin, and others still love Tribal tattoos. There appears to be no limit to the incredible number of distinct styles available to the masses!

If you are interested in procuring a unique tattoo idea, you should consider getting yourself an adorable dragonfly tattoo. These intricate, beautiful insects are being inked more and more commonly these days but are still somewhat rarer than most. The chances are that your friends & family will be really amazed if you pick to get this kind of tattoo idea!

So, why get yourself a dragonfly? Whether it is your first attempt at capturing tattoo art on your skin or just getting a new tattoo, here are a few great reasons to think about this particular tattoo layout before entering a studio:

  1. Impression: these designs are intricate and require a proficient artist to transfer correctly. They look fantastic on your skin if a skilled tattoo artist does them!
  2. Wearability: You can wear these tattoos just about anywhere on your body. Some of the best places are on the upper shoulder or forearm, looking as if they have just descended for a well-deserved break from a busy morning of humming around!
  3. Representation: The dragonfly tattoos symbolize many different things. Most importantly, they serve change, as (like butterflies) they transform from a plain little worm into a magnificent creature. Unlike butterflies, though, they also represent speed and agility, and freedom with their ability to fly where & when they like! They are also a global symbol of good luck in the realm of body art.
  4. Unisex Appeal: These unique tattoo designs can be worn equally by men, women, and transgender people, whereas butterflies and other mammals, birds and insects have mostly female appeal. Dragonflies are both strong and fragile at once and can represent a vast collection of messages about the person who displays them!
  5. Uniqueness: Although it is becoming more common, dragonfly tattoos are rarer than most other tattoo types and will be a great point of discussion and interest for the people you meet. Such rare tattoos are excellent ice-breakers at parties!

If you need any additional convincing, just walk outside on a bright sunny day (wearing a mask, please) and try to spot an adorable dragonfly. You will be fascinated by their fragility, shocked at their agility, and marvel at their capacity to be everywhere at once, seemingly. Imagine catching all of that in an excellent dragonfly tattoo design.

As stated, skill and patience are needed to apply this tattoo, so be prepared to spend some serious time when you make your final choice. Some people decide to get a pair done – perhaps one in flight (wings freely spread), and then come back at some later time and have one close by that has landed (wings resting in a folded position). This is a genuinely fantastic tattoo idea – thoroughly recommended!

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