Which Automatic Watch to Buy on Sale

Automatic watches are many things – they are stylish, they are durable, and they are super-valuable. One word that can hardly be used to qualify automatic watches is “cheap.” Automatic watches are mostly pricey, but it is possible to find automatic watches that are affordable. 

Have you been trying to buy automatic watches under 1000 or even automatic watches under 500? We have just the right thing for you here. Here, we will help you to figure out which automatic watch for sale to buy: 

Florence Silver Black Automatic Watch

The Florence Silver Black Automatic is a very brilliant watch in terms of design and functionality. Looking at it from a distance, you will assume that it is a regular chain watch. The silver-rimmed black dial doesn’t look spectacular. It is rather too simple for a watch in its class. 

Do not let the simple design of this watch fool you – it is a powerful automatic watch that will grace your wrist for many years. The entirety of the body is supremely finished in a manner that will keep it looking good for years. The scratch-resistant sapphire glass helps to improve durability. 

Some other things that can draw you to this watch include the silver stainless steel link bracelet, the anti-reflective coating, and the luminous hands and indexes that make telling the time pretty easy, even under poor lighting conditions. 

Rome Silver Grey Automatic Watch

Inspired by the ancient city of Rome, there are so many spectacular things about this watch that will make you want to wear it for hours. It looks great and will suit pretty cool around the wrist of most people. It will be especially interesting for those who want class and less style at the same time. 

As the name suggests, the Rome Silver Grey Automatic watch has a silver-rimmed grey dial. The dial appears very simple, with a Date of the Month Window being the only special thing on it. Like other watches from Filippo Loreti, it has protective sapphire glass that protects the dial from scratches. 

There are several other reasons to choose this affordable automatic watch, including the wonderful genuine Italian leather, the anti-reflective coating, and the fact that it is water-resistant. 

Venice Monochrome Automatic Watch

If you are a fan of quality monochrome watches, this is an interestingly affordable option you can grab right away. It may not be as affordable as the other two we have here, but it represents real value for money. 

There are so many wonderful things about the watch, but most people will be drawn to the dial first. It is an impressively designed dial with many features and complications, including power reserve indicator, day and night indicator, date of the month window, as well as month wheel and date of the week wheel. 

The Italy-inspired design of this watch is obvious once you observe it. There is an impressive architectural artwork at the caseback that tells a little story about the craftsmanship. The genuine Italian Leather Strap looks great, too. 

Why Choose the Filippo Loreti Automatic Watch? 

The three watches recommended above are from the same manufacturer, Filippo Loreti. This is intentional, and we have several important reasons for that. 

The major reasons to choose these watches are:

They Are Not Mass-Produced 

Filippo Loreti watches are not mass-produced. Rather, they are made in small batches, according to orders placed by buyers. The implication is that when you order any of the automatic watches above, it will be made specifically for you. 

They Are Sold Directly To Customers 

Filippo Loreti watches are not marketed through middlemen. The watchmaker sells directly to the customers, eliminating all the problems of middlemen. You can be very sure that you will get a quality watch directly from the making – there is zero chance of getting an imitation. 

They Are Very Affordable 

Filippo Loreti watches are always affordable. Since the company sells directly to customers, they just have to pay the actual price and nothing more. That is exactly why these incredible automatic watches are so affordable. 


Automatic watches are great for many reasons. You really need to add some to your collection, and we have recommended three of the best options from Filippo Loreti. If you want to consider other options before making your choice, take a look at FL collections here.

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