Where to Play Video Poker with Your Friends While You Shelter in Place

Staying at home is now a rule of thumb, and many people hang up their boots to do things that bring them joy. You seldom see your friends now as a consequence of the pandemic. But, with exciting mobile games like Poker, Video Slots, Roulettes coming up with multiplayer features, the face of online entertainment is changing fast.

You can see many uprising online casino games developed by creative and innovative casino software providers. There are more and more options coming up almost every day for you to enjoy while you shelter with your friends in one place. You can either play the real money game or try your hand at a demo game to practice your moves. You and your friends can also try out demo games like free video poker no download before playing the real deal.

The Top Casino Applications or Software to Play Video Poker

In the middle of COVID-19, there has been more positive growth in terms of the development of the online gambling industry, specifically in the category of video poker games. Not only the gaming features themselves but also the methods on the payment and withdrawal methodology have seen a massive improvement.

Unwind with your friends in the comfort of your homes with these widely popular online games:

Betway Casino

Betway is a very well-known casino application for playing video poker games. A legit and protected gaming platform is their offering for their consumer base, be it newbies or long term loyalists. They offer core gaming features on video pokers and provide classic matching procedures. This application is compatible with iOS and Android. Even if you play with your friends out of the blue, the convenience of accessing your Betway account is easy.

All Slots Casino

This application is powered by Microgaming, one of the best casino software providers. This is known to have plenty of slot games, and still, you can play live poker for real and win real money. Play with your friends in real-time just by creating an account with All Slots Casino and bet your luck through Online Live Poker Canada. All the best hands for potential winnings are placed on the paytable. Invite your friends and try this out because they have a welcome bonus for beginners.

Spin Casino

One can say that card games are the easiest to dive in. They carry strategic moments where you are challenged to think and decide on those hands to aim for a win. In Spin Casino, you can win through Pair of Jacks. You can also take your chances on getting a Royal Flush. Now you can impress your friends with these winning hands as easy as ABC.

Video Poker Deluxe

If you want to choose from a pool of video poker games, the Video Poker Deluxe is at your service. This application can be easily downloaded and provides 16 free video poker games as its best offering. There are also video pieces of training to share some strategies and tricks while bridging the gaps in your understanding of the game.

Jackpot City Casino

Jackpot City Casino encourages gamblers to come to the most convenient and sleek video poker game. They have dominated the gambling industry with their top-of-the-class adaptation of a traditional casino game into an online offering.  Gamblers can play either single-player or multiplayer mode. Start signing up to Jackpot City Casino and witness a spot on poker recreation.

Jack Mobile Casinos

Core Gaming is featured for the video poker games as its software. Jack Mobile Casinos is a platform that offers a range of mobile casino games besides poker. They have garnered a huge follower base, mainly due to their excellent offerings. Play with your friends and get a taste of different payout ranges and crossed-fingers for those that are on your hand. Explore games that range from roulettes, pokers and much more.

Some Other Online Casino Games to Play

Some Other Online Casino Games to Play

Bringing the classic casino gameplay into the virtual world is a great way to attract gamblers who are not tired of trying their luck. Here are the best online casino games that you can count on:


Poker is a very popular game for all commoners, be it a rookie or a pro gambler. Whether you have the skill sets needed for this game or not, it doesn’t matter; all you need are enough mobile devices, where you can invite your family and friends to play along! Casino software providers managed to create a user-friendly mobile version that brought a better gaming experience through interesting graphic design and an attractive UI.


This is the most interesting online casino game where you can still feel the classic charm of the table and chips. The new-age version of the game is now played digitally. Its digital version has seen several upgrades to make the game more appealing and attractive.  You can play this on your mobile phone or on your tablet, and everything will be the same. Besides poker, online roulette is one of the most preferred games today.

If you are playing with a friend, here are some strategies that can help you turn around your game plan to increase your winnings:

  • Martingale. Win or lose; you will keep on betting an increasing amount to maximise your chances of winning.
  • D’ Alembert. It is similar to the Martingale, but unlike the former, one needs to add only one unit to maximise gains.
  • The Fibonacci. A strategy that works well with even money bets that increases the chances of winning by 50%.


There are different ways of playing slots. The attraction of a mobile slot game never fades away because several casino software providers keep releasing more exhilarating gaming features to make their fan base keep coming back. Even on entertainment shows, slot games are also highlighted. Slots are so fun to play, and thanks to developers who always strive to provide the finest and groundbreaking gaming experience. You can choose from many categories of slots such as Fruit Machine Slots, Vegas Slots, Classic Slots, and other progressive jackpot slots. 

Beat Your Friends in Video Poker

Having the company of friends and family while taking shelter can be a huge source of comfort. What can make it better and more enjoyable is if one has access to some awesome video poker games to spend the time. With the advent of online video poker, it has become much easier to just have a good time playing good games. Do not play poker with real money if you are a novice and don’t know what strategy to use. You can visit websites that offer a range of online games for gambling.

Playing Video Poker games with your friends and family can help in developing good camaraderie can enhance one’s decision-making skills and critical-thinking abilities. It is a blessing that both mobile and land-based casinos are easily accessible nowadays for one’s entertainment. So be sure to explore sites and various famous platforms that are out there. Have a great time making memories and winning some real money.

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