What is a Writer’s Block and How to Overcome it?

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Writer’s block is a condition principally associated with writing, in which a writer or an author is unable to write new work. The writer essentially experiences a creative slowdown. This artistic stall is not a result of the lack of writing skills or commitment problems. The condition ranges from a problem in coming up with new ideas to being unable to create a work for months or possibly years. Writer’s block is not entirely measured by time passing without writing. It is calculated by time passing without productivity in the task at hand.

If you’re experiencing Writer’s Block, you’re perhaps doing one of the following:

  1. Following stupid rules instead of guidelines.
  2. Using wrong out outdated policies.
  3. Chiseling your strategies in stones.
  4. Adopting way too many rules and regulations.
  5. Bringing unnatural perspectives to your writing. 
  6. Ignoring feedback and information.
  7. Making your strategy overly complicated.
  8. Not focusing on health and turning extremely lazy due to some or the other addictions.
  9. Letting unnecessary distractions eat your time every day. 

Now that we know the problem at hand let’s explore possible solutions for Writer’s Block. 

Take some time off: Take a small break and try to spend time doing spending else.

Sometimes, taking time off dramatically helps to get your ideas together. Turn off your laptop and do something exciting other than writing. Watch a new movie, try to go out and cycle, chat with your old friend with whom you haven’t spoken to, or do something that makes you feel more relaxed and refreshed. By the time you are back to your notepad or diary, you should be in a better frame of mind to pen down new things.

Roundups are perhaps one of the most incredible ways to add a rehashed content to your blog’s calendar. You can make a list of a few posts that come up in your field. Creating such unusual roundups will surely make your readers come back to your platform again and again, and they start trusting you as a helpful resource. You can write about the new movie you just watched or your newfound love for cycling adventures.

If you are too tired to write on the same topic, it does not mean that you are not artistic anymore. You can interview different people who can give you exciting replies to your questions that you can draft. 

Other quick ways to overcoming Writer’s Blocks:

  1. Create a routine, and follow a few guidelines. However, don’t make impractical rules and cage your creativity. Set it free.
  2. Brainstorm ideas in crisp bullet points and draft them out. Bullet points produce clarity, and that’s what is needed when creative juices are not flowing properly.
  3. Write at a different time. Let’s say, in the past, you enjoyed writing at around 4 pm every late afternoon. However, now that you’ve other pressing things to consider around that time, you are unable to devote your energies to writing. Please don’t panic. Push your writing time to, let’s say, 10 pm, and see the difference. 
  4. Goof Around on Instagram, Linkedin, or Facebook and just see what other content creators are doing. Sometimes we find inspiration in the most unexpected of places.
  5. Don’t push yourself too hard towards perfectionism. Perfectionism is a myth.
  6. Finding a perfect creative environment is challenging for writers. Sometimes all we need a not-so-loud place with good lights. Create that space on your balcony or on your roof.
  7. Write down your achievements and live in nostalgia until you find your creativity again. Sometimes all we need is to reflect back on our journeys and capture those emotions from the past that gifted us experience.
  8. Broaden your point of view. Read, reread and try to spend time researching different topics. 
  9. Start writing, don’t worry about editing (for now.) Spend time writing in a flow without worrying too much about grammar or correct choice of words. Sometimes a free flow is all we need.

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