What do we know about Indians and their attitude to cricket?

The culture of India is one of the most mysterious, flamboyant, and interesting for every inhabitant of other countries. The sports side of this part of the world is of particular interest.

Initially, this country was famous for its local sport – field-hockey. But decades later, sports fans updated their sport-history by transferring the sport that originally originated in England into Indian. Of course, it’s cricket.

Indians loved cricket so much that they managed to create a grandiose story with cricket in the title role.

One of the directions of the history of sports is also cricket bet in India, thanks to the addition of excitement to the routine viewing of matches. This combination brings not only a lot of emotions but also additional income.

Triumph of Indian cricket

Despite a promising start, cricket in India remained at a rather low level for prolonged. This was due to both the continued colonial rule of Britain and the low standard of living of people who were not interested in sports. Only in 1932, the first Indian national team appeared, the captain of which was Kottari Kanakaya Nayudu, the grandson of the founder of the Nayudu Club and one of the best cricketers in the world.

The road to real success has been a long one. Only in 1983, the national team managed to win the cricket world championship. This victory would have been impossible without the emergence of a whole galaxy of talented players who have become real stars in their homeland. Even the actors of «Bollywood» could not boast of such popularity.

Looking at these athletes, many boys began dreaming of the career of the cricketer. This profession has become something of a winning ticket or a ticket to a happy life.

Today, when Indian cricket clubs have become leaders in the world rankings, it is more difficult to become a professional, competition is intensifying, but this is quite satisfactory for the coaches.

A significant role in the popularity of cricket in India was also played by the fact that one of the main rivals of the national team is invariably the Pakistani team. As everyone knows, after the collapse of the British Empire, India and Pakistan fought with each other more than once. The transfer of this political rivalry to the sports field is of continuing interest among fans from both countries. Perhaps such a confrontation does not always look friendly, but it is certainly better than real battles.

Indian Premier League as a new stage in the world of cricket

In 2008, when sports organizations saw the maximum interest of Indian fans in cricket, it was decided to create their own league. In addition to explosive matches within the framework of its native country, a few years later, the IPL was able to conquer the hearts of the world audience.

According to ratings for the period 2015-2020, the IPL breaks records in the number of views of games and the number of fans in every part of the planet.

The IPL traditionally holds an auction in winter, at which each of the league teams acquires new professional players in order to become the champion of the tournament, and the series of games itself takes place every year from spring to summer, and tickets are sold out just after the opening of sales.

The cricket-fans watch each preparatory stage for the league holding their breath and wait for the matches of their favorites to get emotions and maybe even earn some money on the betting.

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