What Are My Rights If I Am Hit by a Driver that Drove Through a Red Light?


Traffic red lights on the road indicate that the driver must stop to allow other cars or pedestrians to pass. But some drivers still drive through these lights, and such a driver might hit you. You have several rights if such a driver hits you, and you can use these rights to get fair treatment.

Rights to surveillance videos

Most roads in urban places where red lights are standard have traffic surveillance cameras to capture traffic offenders. After being hit by a driver who has driven through a red light, you have the right to the surveillance cameras’ recordings. The Freedom of Information Act gives you the right to request the recorded footage. Most of these footages are controlled by the traffic departments and as a result, you should request the recordings from the relevant traffic authorities.

The importance of this right is that the video recording is the most conclusive evidence that shows the other driver was at fault. Any other form of evidence can be disputed where the driver can deny that they were at fault. Even eyewitnesses can be discredited, primarily if they cannot provide an accurate account of the accident.

Right to taking personal details of the other driver

Most drivers stop after causing an accident to assess the extent of the damages and injuries. When the other driver stops, you have the right to take their details, including their insurance and contact details. These details will help you get in touch with the driver and their insurance company after filing a personal injury case.

The driver can give their details voluntarily, or you can record the number plates of their vehicle if they are unwilling to cooperate. Some drivers might be reluctant to provide their details from the fear of knowing that they drove through a red light, and as a result, they are at fault. If a driver does not stop after driving through a red light, you can rely on eyewitnesses and recordings of the accident to get personal details.

Right to getting compensated

You will most likely suffer personal, economic, and non-economic losses after being hit by a driver who has driven through a red light. The driver who drove through the red light and their insurance company should be held liable and be compelled to pay you every kind of loss you incur. 

To get the right compensation with the assistance of experienced Dallas car accident attorneys, you need to document every loss you suffer from the incident. These include the indirect losses such as the trauma and shock you experience from the accident’s effects. If you can compile all the losses you have incurred, the driver and their insurance company will have to compensate you according to the stipulated laws.

It might be challenging to prove that a driver disregarded a red light, mostly if there were no surveillance cameras on the accident scene. You need all the help you can get to prove your claims, and the ideal source of help are reliable and experienced accident lawyers. These lawyers will use their experience and expertise to ensure that your rights are upheld and you get adequate compensation.

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