Ways To Get Promoted on TikTok

Generation Z does not ignore the full potential of a relatively new application that is actively growing in popularity. Today, advertising campaigns are aimed at creating marketing trends, which positively affects the promotion of various products.

The main difference between TikTok and other equally popular social networks lies in certain fundamental characteristics:

· The presence of a young audience of active users;

· The ability to create videos in the application itself, without using additional video editors;

· Successful integration with music content.

By the number of downloads, this platform has long been a leader.

There are several indicators have a direct impact on the number of tiktok fans who will be able to see your video:

· Completion rate – this numerical indicator will show how many users exactly watched the video to the very end.

· Evaluation of efficiency – the coefficient of performance directly depends on the volume of involvement.

· Account Rating – The video creator receives a certain number that demonstrates the popularity of the video content.

· Followers number – the more subscribers you have on your profile, the more likely you are to get huge views and tiktok hearts.

The developers of this application are sure that one day is enough to determine the exact interest of users. It is during this period of time that the algorithms will be able to accurately understand the specific preferences of each person in order to offer him relevant content in the future.

Considering buy tiktok likes as a special platform for promoting your own business, you can draw an analogy with Instagram. Until recently, Instagram was rarely used to promote its brand, but today it is quite a powerful tool that really works.

The price of services for creating advertising on TikTok directly depends on the chosen promotion method. Prisra specialists in Israel offer several proven promotion options at once, the price of which is particularly affordable.

In total, there are 4 main ways to promote TikTok:

1. Brand Takeover is a colorful banner that can be seen when launching the application. The purchase of advertisements is carried out through targeting.

2. AR (augmented reality) – popularization of an advertising campaign using all kinds of stickers, lenses, smears and other special effects.

3. Hashtag Challenge – search for the banner shown in the section.

4. In-feed Native Video – advertisements that appear in the feed (survey cards, badges). Submitted ads visually resemble Instagram feed ads.

An app launch banner is often created as a static advertisement. Its duration is no more than 3 seconds. Sometimes a short video is used, the duration of which is up to 5 seconds.

Promotion on TikTok in the feed will take a little longer – up to 15 seconds. There are many more possibilities for applying various special effects.

As for the Hashtag Challenge, this format is perfect for announcing all kinds of activities.

Promotion using augmented reality implies the creation of branded content. It can be all kinds of stickers or masks with your company’s logos.

It is important to use really relevant methods, tools and all popular ways to promote your account in your work.

After all, it is this business segment that is most difficult to promote its own positions, given the enormous popularity of the owners of large companies.

A beautiful “picture” catches and makes the user subscribe to an account, like a certain post, leave a comment or make a purchase of the proposed product. As a result, a well-designed account will help push the user to take a certain action.

The social network TikTok belongs to the category of applications that have a huge engagement, which is 90% on average.

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