Virgo Weekly Horoscope 7th – 13th March 2021

Love and Relationships

This week may be favorable for your love life and relationship. Things are likely to move smoothly on the relationship front. Moreover, your bond with near and dear ones may improve gradually. In midweek you may face some complex issues and hence your relationship may suffer few dents. A piece of advice, try to keep communication alive and sort things out as the latter part will be much better for you. You should utilize this phase to re-examine the matters of the past and learn from your mistakes. This will eventually strengthen your rapport with your beloved.


Your progress may remain average during this week. At times your overconfidence may make you take your studies, quite casually. Also, you may be more interested in other activities with your friends and classmates hence your performance may not give you the desired results. Your casual approach may give rise to unnecessary problems. You need to continue to study seriously with determination to maintain the growth momentum in your studies. However, you may get back to your normal level during the latter part and your improved performance may also motivate you to study more during the week.


Your health is likely to improve during this week. Due to your awareness, efforts, and dedication, robust health is foreseen for you. You may be able to lead a healthy life devoid of pressure most of the time. Your positive approach may add to your overall energy levels. You may focus on your diet and exercise which can help to keep you fit and fine. If you are suffering from any ailments, you may get cured now. The week seems good to regain vitality and to ensure excellent energy levels and stamina.


You may have enough funds at your disposal and hence it may be a good idea to invest money productively during this week. If you intend to buy a residential place or invest money for the long term, planets seem supportive of this count. Movement of planets may prompt you to buy a new vehicle, or add to the luxuries in life. Supportive planetary movements may boost your wealth prospects. However, avoid finalizing any major deal in haste particularly around the end of the week as some complex planetary influences may cause unnecessary delays and difficulties.


This week may be useful for diving into a creative endeavor. Tap into your artistic impulses, and you are sure to shine. Favorable planetary influences may help you in achieving new territories during this week. Your committed efforts may bring you gains and praise. However, ensure that you take good care of your relation with seniors and higher authorities as you may have the tendency to neglect these aspects. There are chances of ego conflicts this week. It may hamper your progress. However, if you use your tact and smartness, you may find yourself better placed by the end of this week. You may face some challenging times in your business but, as the period progresses, some new opportunities may come your way and likely to boost the business prospects.

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