Virgo Weekly Horoscope 28th March – 3rd April 2021

Love and Relationships

Your love life and relationship may go through a roller coaster ride this week. You may have to deal with an inharmonious phase at the beginning of this week. As tough times are ahead, try to strengthen your bond by meaningful dialogues with your beloved. Nevertheless, as you cross the initial phase, circumstances are likely to improve and things may get even better during the latter part of this week. You can expect relief around the end of this week. Moreover, you are likely to resolve all your issues in your relationship and get your love life back on track.


This week, you may be more interested in your studies and may take it very seriously. You may also proceed with good confidence and motivation to improve your overall performance in studies. Moreover, you may take an active part in cultural activities or any sports activities besides performing well in your studies. No major challenges for your studies are foreseen this week. However, there are possibilities of you getting into some minor tiffs with your classmates which may distract your attention around the middle of this week. Additionally, try to keep your temperament under check. Maintaining friendly relations may help you in many ways.


This week is favorable for your health. You may start recovering from health problems that you have dealt with in the past. Your vitality may be good this week and may be able to maintain your health. Regular practice of Yoga and Pranayam is likely to help you avoid major health problems. You may be motivated and productive as you want to be. Your health is likely to be normal and satisfactory as there no major health issues that are foreseen this week.


This week, there are chances of some positive changes in your financial condition. You may make some smart decisions to enhance your financial strength. However, in the middle of the week, you may face some complex situations that may affect your financial stability. Also, stay cautious and think twice before making any important decision, it will help you to manage your money issues efficiently. In the latter part of the week, you may experience positive changes in your situations. It may boost your financial prospects and you are likely to enjoy your life with financial freedom.


Your career may flourish this week provided you don’t take unnecessary risks. As the week progresses you may think for future developments, and therefore, you may try your best to prove your abilities. Also, your positive approach is likely to bring good rewards as the week progresses. You may at times become hyper or you may pay less attention to teamwork which may affect your relationship with your colleagues or seniors. So, you must keep a check on such tendencies in order to get maximum advantage of planetary transit this week.

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