Vietnam’s top leadership positions to be replaced

A Vietnamese soldier stands guard at the National Convention Center, the venue for the 13th national congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam, in Hanoi, Vietnam

A Vietnamese parliamentary official on Tuesday confirmed that the replacement of the country’s top leadership positions, including the President, Prime Minister and chairperson of the National Assembly (NA), will take place during the new session of the NA.

Nguyen Hanh Phuc, Secretary-general of the NA, made the remarks at a press briefing held in the capital Hanoi on the upcoming 11th session, which is scheduled to begin from Wednesday and run through April 8, repeorts Xinhua news agency.

At the session, the final sitting of the 14th NA, the country’s top legislative body will spend seven days on personnel issues, including casting ballots on the replacement of about 25 leadership positions in total, Phuc said.

He stressed that the session is very important as it takes place right after the successful 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) and when the country is preparing for the general election.

The polls are expected to be held in May to elect deputies to the 15th NA and the People’s Councils at all levels.

The session will also feature significant oversight work, such as reviewing the performance of the 14th NA, the State President and the government over the past five years, according to Phuc.

Earlier this month, the second plenary session of the 13th CPV Central Committee voted on the nomination of candidates to the posts including State President, Prime Minister and NA Chairperson.

According to Vietnamese legal regulations, the working tenure of the President and the Prime Minister is coincident with that of the NA.

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