Types of hearing loss and which Hearing Aid to choose

People with hearing loss or hearing disabilities encounter various complications in their day-to-day life. There are many types of hearing loss; some can’t hear from birth, and some due to external factors like aging, viral fever, disease, or other factors. Communication is fundamental to every human being. People with these ailments still do wonders in this stereotypical society by wisely choosing hearing aids in any major city they live in. There are many technologically superior hearing aids in Mumbai

HEARING AIDS – The role of a hearing aid is to amplify the sound. These are small, battery-powered devices designed to aid in hearing loss. This electronic device comes in different types like ear aids, behind-the-ear aids, and other classifieds. This device enhances the hearing abilities of the patients. This aid work based on three parts, 

Microphone: It collects all the sounds or noises around. Some aids have features like recording so that they can play black whenever they need it.

Amplifier: As the microphone’s sound reaches the amplifier, it intensifies the sound and makes it louder.

A receiver: It sends the intensified sound into the ear canal.

Types of Hearing Loss

There are three types of hearing loss, and they are listed below.

Sensorineural hearing loss – Our ear has three parts: the outer, middle, and inner ear. Any problem or damage in the inner ear connected to nerves is called sensorineural hearing loss. It is caused due to aging, effects of any disease, or inheritance of faulty traits and can’t be treated with surgery or medications. Hearing aids can improve the sense of hearing by sound amplification.

Conductive hearing loss – This type of loss happens when sounds couldn’t pass through the outer to the inner ear. It may be due to ear infections, holes in the eardrum, tumor block, or external otitis. Doctors can resolve it with surgery or medication.

Mixed hearing loss – It is a combination of both sensorineural and conductive hearing loss. 

How to Choose a Hearing Aid

As hearing loss is a sensitive issue, it is essential to consult an ENT Doctor and explain all difficulties lucidly. Once the doctor figures out the type of hearing loss, the doctor will start the respective treatment.

Further, the doctor recommends whether to treat with surgery or medication or hearing aids. If one has conductive hearing loss, then one has to be treated with hearing aids. To exactly find the level of hearing loss, consulting with audiologists is mandatory. Audiologists measure the level of hearing loss and pitch of sounds and recommend suitable hearing aids. 

Types of Hearing Aids

 Hearing aids in Mumbai provides a wide range of services performed by skillful and proficient doctors. Based on the function, there are two basic hearing aids, namely analog and digital hearing aids.

Analog: these aids convert sound waves into electrical signals, amplifying the sound and sending it to the ear through a receiver. These have basic volume control options.

Digital: These convert sound waves into numeric signals or computer signals and amplify the sound. It has adjustable modes which one can choose based on the environment, like a quiet room or a loud stadium.


This type of hearing aids can improve hearing in people having mild to severe hearing loss. These aids are tiny and fit inside the ear canal and invisible from the external view. This hearing aid is not suggested to children as it is small and tough to handle. 

ITC – The Canal aid fits perfectly in your ear.

CIC – Completely In Canal is small and invisible as it is fixed inside the ear canal.


This aid is fixed in the outer ear and is visible from the exterior view. The electronic equipment is covered by a plastic body and set in the ear. Audiologists suggest this type of aid to children as they grow, and they are still bound to grow. These aids are also easy to handle compared to canal hearing aids. For a new user, in-the-ear hearing aids are the best.


It is covered with a hard case plastic body and fixed behind the ear, and it sends amplified sound to the ear. This type is the first-ever launched hearing aid. The mini BTE is set behind the ear, and a narrow tube directed to the ear canal sends sounds. These are recommended to people with mild to heavy hearing loss. 

After a complete study of a patient’s ear, shape, size, the intensity of loss, and pitch measurement, audiologists make a consolidated audiogram result and discuss the patient’s treatment and suggest appropriate hearing aids. Finding hearing aids in Mumbai is easy as they have a reasonable success rate helping many hear loss patients effectively.

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