Two killed, many missing in Afghanistan avalanche

Afghanistan avalanche
Afghanistan avalanche

Two people were killed and eight others injured as an avalanche swept away a house in Afghanistan’s Badakhshan region on Tuesday, an official has confirmed to us at NYK Daily.

The incident took place late night and early morning in the Sangich village of the mountainous Shakai district, killing a father and his son and injuring eight others, the official said.

Badakhshan and the neighbouring Takhar, Kunduz and Baghlan regions have witnessed snow and rains over the past couple of days.

Around 26 people are missing after the avalanche.

Earlier this month, 14 people were killed in an avalanche in Badakhshan’s Raghistan district.

In 2017, a series of avalanches that struck villages on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border between February 4 and 6, 2017, killed more than 200 people.

At least 550 people were killed in deadly avalanches that struck Panjshir province in 2015.

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