Top Tips for Caring for your Hands

When it comes to wear and tear, few parts of the body are expected to bear as much punishment as the hands. They’re exposed to light throughout the day, and they’re expected to do all of the pulling, pushing, squeezing and throwing that life requires of us. 

To counteract this, it’s worth taking regular action to ensure that your hands are kept in the best possible shape.


A good moisturiser will allow the skin cells to hydrate. There are three types to consider. There are jelly-like substances, like Vaseline, which prevent evaporation by smothering the skin in a layer of oil. Then there are emollients, which do the same thing, except they penetrate between the skin cells, creating that feeling of softness. Finally, there are humectants, which draw water into the skin. Choose a brand that works for you and apply it as regularly as required.

Use the Right Soap

If a soap is overly alkaline, then it’ll not only strip away the grease and grime on your hands, but also the oils that your hands need to function. Anything that interferes with the PH of your skin is likely to inflict damage in the long-term; while you might not be able to see the deterioration from one day to the next, you can be fairly sure that it’ll add up over months and years.

Protect your hands

If you’re washing the dishes, or handling corrosive or irritant chemical products, then the right pair of gloves is essential. By making sure that you’ve got a steady supply of gloves, you’ll create the environment where you’re not tempted to skip the step. This applies especially in commercial environments, where you’re handling substances which can inflict nasty damage – but even if the chemical in question isn’t all that damaging, you might find that the deterioration compounds over time.

Massaging and stretching

Your hands contain dozens of muscles, many of which are vulnerable to shortening and tightening, especially if you’re using them in the same way for a long time. This puts them at greater risk of injury. Spend an hour or two hammering in nails, and you might find that you’re sore and achy afterwards. The same applies to certain sports. Counteract this with massages and stretching. You don’t have to spend much time doing this; if you know what to do, the few seconds it takes to boil a kettle might be enough to give your hands a good workout. 

We hope these short tips will help you take care of your hands. Give them a little break and make sure you take care of yourself, you’re your most important asset!

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