Top Things to do in Bozel

Inhabited since the Neolithic, Bozel is the core of the Savoyard community since the Middle Ages.

Bozel is located in the Tarentaise Valley, in the department of Savoie. From 300 m to 4000 m, the Tarentaise Valley comprises the high Isère Valley, in the heart of the French Alps, between the Mont Blanc Massif and Beaufortain in the North, the Maurienne Valley and Vanoise Massif in the South, and the peak of the Alps in the East, which hangs over on the Aosta Valley in present-day Italy.

The Tarentaise Valley is a beautiful national heritage area of exceptional importance :

  1. It is a religious heritage in a country filled with Christianity since the late-5th century. Then this heritage has been marked by Baroque art.
  2. It is a natural landscape and heritage (human-made.)
  3. It is also a civil heritage with its vestiges of the Gallo-Roman culture and towers of defense.
  4. It is also an architectural heritage of hilly villages.

That’s quite a resume!

What to expect in Bozel?

In Bozel, you stroll in the footsteps of the past: the “Sarazine Tower” (twelfth century) makes us picture the Lord’s Rouge of Bozel’s feudal power. The chapel of St. Barbe (16th century CE) recalls the age and strength of Christianity in the valley to the Counter-Reformation Baroque.

While strolling from village to village, you can also hear the echo of cattle in the pasture of Tarentaise or notice the landscape’s shaping by firm hill farmers; peasants became workers in the twentieth century CE.

How to reach Bozel? 

You can drive to Bozel from Paris in around seven hours. From Geneva, it takes around 2:00 hours, and from From Grenoble, it takes approximately 90 minutes. Bozel is located near 4 International airports with good connectivity.

If you love trains, Bozel is 15 minutes away from the Moûtiers railway station.

Things to do in Bozel.

If you are traveling during the winter months:

  1. Bozel is one of the best European destinations for winter sports. The range of activities includes Skiing, Alpine skiing, toboggan, snowshoe, snowboard, and ski-touring. 
  2. Bozel is the best base camp for a ski getaway in one of the neighboring ski resorts: Courchevel, Meribel, Les 3 Vallées, and La Tania.
  3. While your first night in Bozel during the winters might see you having an introductory hot drink and a slap-up meal in your chalet, this place has got several great venues for drinking, eating, and socializing. The restaurants and resorts in Bozel are affordable compared to many others in Europe, and the regular winter events are popular, especially amongst the younger crowd. Saturday nights have a reputation for being the best nights for catching live music amongst a rowdier crowd looking to party. They have grown to become semi-legendary in the village.

In the summer

  1. Bozel is an authentic Savoyard village that is lively all year. During the summers, it is the ideal base for family outings, the quiet little trip, or the great hike! You can hike one of the many mountains in Bozel. The paths are safe, properly marked, and you will find help if you fall in any trouble. 
  2. During summers, daily fishing passes can be obtained at the Bar-Restaurant Le Saint Roch in Bozel.
  3. Heritage walk is also possible in Bozel, especially during the summer months. Saracen Tower was constructed in the 12th century; this tower bailey was first reportedly occupied by the lords Rouge, close to Savoy’s Counts and the Archbishop of Moutiers. Your heritage tour will feature this tower, the 13th-century property, and residence of the priests of Tarentaise.

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