Top Multiplier Slots Games to Win Real Money

Let’s face it, most gamblers play online slots games in order to win cash. Yes, it’s a fun and relaxing hobby too, and it offers escapism from the daily grind, but so does reading a good book. The thing is that reading doesn’t provide you with the chance of winning a healthy jackpot!

One type of slot game that is perennially popular is the multiplier slot. Gamblers are always tempted to play multiplier slots because they have a nice reputation for paying out huge amounts to the lucky winners – join now to experience these bonuses.

How do multiplier slots work?

It’s pretty easy to figure out what a multiplier feature does. To be succinct, it multiplies. Specifically, it’s a feature that multiplies the amount of your winnings by a given amount.

Multipliers usually start at 2x, and can even go up to 100x the amount you win. Imagine the feeling as you win some money back, and the game multiplies your £10 pay-out by 100x. That’s a good day at the office!

Obviously, multipliers are not triggered easily, and when they are, it won’t immediately be 100x your winnings. But they’re a great feature and can provide slots gamers with a massive boost to any pay-outs they get.

What are the best multiplier slots out there?

Mega Moolah is worth mentioning just because it’s famous for paying out vast sums of money. Whenever you’ve had the recurring dream of instantly becoming a millionaire on a slot game, it’s probably Mega Moolah the slot you’re playing in your dream.

If you trigger the lion symbol, it functions as a multiplier and doubles your win. The prizes on this game are set at a minimum £1 million pay-out so Mega Moolah may be the slot for you if you love big number jackpots.

Wicked Tales: Dark Red is another slot which features an interesting multiplier function. It’s a five reel 25 pay-line slot that increases by 1x every time you pick up a bonus item and reaches a level of 10x which can see your winnings soar!

What’s more, this slot game has classy graphics and an RTP percentage of 96.1% so it’s a good option for anyone looking for something new.

Rise of Olympus is worth mentioning as it features a multiplier that can increase to 20x during the free spins mode. What’s great about this is the fact that the multiplier is not reset between the game rounds, but keeps on going.

The gameplay of Rise of Olympus is superb too, marrying together a slot game with an action thriller. It will keep you entertained for as long as you need it to!

There are many other multiplier slots to try, all offering generous multiplier bonuses. Each person will have their favourite but some of the best ones are Big Win Cat and Hidden Valley, both offering multipliers of up to 10x.

Last but certainly not least, Viking Runecraft has a multiplier feature that goes up to 15x coupled with its great in-game play.

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