Top Leadership strategies you can use to increase your influence

influence, Impact, Feedback.

Have you ever wondered how some leaders seem to always get their own way? They seem to glide effortlessly through life, gathering fans and supporters as they go.

  • What is their secret?
  • Influence. 

Whether you want to make an impression on your family or your organization, influence is crucial. Here are a few strategies you can use to enhance your impact and accomplish your goals more quickly:

Be properly clear about your outcome. Being explicit about your outcome gives you more liberty to be open about the ‘how’ of reaching there. You don’t get lost in process-oriented issues. Say, for example, your five-year-old is a very messy kid. You would like him to be neat and orderly. But what do you want? Ask, do you want him to be tidy for him or for you? That’s a giant trap! If you want him to be clean to keep you happy, you need to loosen because there is no way he will respond to that sort of pressure! The more you would want him to do something because it will please you, the less he will feel like doing it. What we need or resist, persists. Disturbing, I know!

What you need to focus on is your outcome. What do you want for your child? Your outcome may be that he becomes responsible and self-reliant. Getting stuck on ‘tidy’ undermines the progress – notice instead where he is displaying independence, and honor that. When you’re properly clear on what you ultimately want, it makes it more comfortable to relax and be open to different pathways to reach your goal. Cleanliness is but one.

Create a culture of appreciation and success. If you concentrate only on the end goal, you’ll dodge the joy of the journey -it’s a cliche, but it’s correct. 

Plus, if your goal is relatively sizable and too far in the future, it won’t be easy to maintain enthusiasm and momentum. 

Rehearse success. This is one of the critical fundamentals of deliberate creation. If you’re not reenacting success, you may be defaulting to failure through things like worrying, wondering ‘if only’ and ‘what if.’ 

By intentionally writing about, talking about, and picturing your outcome, you are preparing for success. You’ve got to feel as if it is already complete – a given. It’s got to feel not ‘if it will occur, but that it is only a question of ‘when. It’s a powerful and delicious practice and feeling. If you do this with your office colleagues and with your friends, your confidence will sway them away from insecurity and into positive expectations. You can do this with your family or team by asking them to share what it would seem like and feel like achieving your goal. It’s as easy as that!

Question Yourself. 

  • What would we do with 50% more customers?
  • What would we do with a million dollars?
  • How can we give outstanding service that will surprise and delight our customers?
  • How do we need to behave to attract more ideal clients?
  • What would we do if we knew we could not fail?
  • What would make this place a brilliant place to work?
  • How will we ever know we’ve been successful?

These type of questions evoke entirely different responses than questions like, ‘where did we go wrong?’, ‘what’s the risk here?’, ‘What am I missing?’ and so on. Keep your simple questions focused on your outcome, and you will generate positive influence and new energy.

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