Top 3 Factors that Influence Art

Image: Personal ownership by Arushi Sana under copyright

Usually, words “art” and “Influence” are related in a sentence like “how art influences your life,” but here I want to discuss and write about what are the things that precisely influences art.

Generally, for art consumers, art is an integral part of our life. We enjoy art because it’s pretty. After all, it’s our history, and it’s a door to an unusual world, a world filled with our thoughts and imagination. But for the artist, her artwork is a part of her, of her life; it is her understanding of some events around him; it is her way to reveal us our history.

So any artwork is a consequence of several factors that impacted the artist. The list of these factors is unlimited. Let’s explore the top three factors that impact an artist and art together.


The main influence for the development of art in the 21st Century is politics. This is because politics (a dirty word according to many, but it is genuinely an inspiration for artists) shows society its desires and needs. Politics includes not only the regulations and working of a particular ruling government or an administration but also culture and economics, and all the significant global events.

Plato believed that politics is the art of managing, controlling, and preserving all other art forms. Art, in its direct meaning, is a potent influence instrument, just another kind of propaganda. And artists (painters, writers, etc.) utilize it by sharing their opinions, ideas, and side and pushes us to think about their favored perspective.


The next major influence for an artist is the environment or nature. Particularly now, when the bulk of environmental art movements is evolving rapidly, we can observe the influence of this significant factor; we can see the painters’ or writers’ desire to bring our attention to environmental issues.


Number three on our list is technology. Comparing this with the major factors we discussed above, it may sound trivial, but trust me, it’s not. Now is a competitive age of technology, an age of progress. Technology pushes us, transforms our world, and it is one of the significant factors that influence the environment and politics.

Also, tech shows artists new doors that result in new previously unseen artworks and new art movements. This is valid even when the technology in question is a modern way to mix paints or a freshly developed e-painting tool that we see coming every day.

Every individual is a society’s proud member, and artists, painters, and writers are no exception, even if they sometimes want to remain on the sidelines. Yes, they are creating their works because they want to do it, and they cannot live without it, but a basic aspect of the process comes from their presence and relationships within the society. It means that an additional factor must be the artist’s life. His own life: his love and friends, his childhood, his interests, the place he lives, and so forth.

Concluding this, we must know that, yes, art shows history, but what is more significant, it shows us a distinct perception of history. And we should understand that an artwork is not just a pretty-looking thing, but it has a hidden message, and we need to observe and discover it to truly appreciate art.

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