Tips to Nurture Your Creativity and Imagination

Are you interested to know why precisely nurturing creativity is relevant?

We are always looking for ways to evolve, become something and find happiness and stability in life. Our life is not static but dynamic as it continues to change every day, every hour, and every minute. 

Since we face regular flux, we must respond to its stimuli in original (read creative) ways. Therefore, it would appear that we do not need creativity training for the simple reason that it is natural for us to be original and creative.

The reason nurturing creativity constantly is important is because we always get in our own way. How? We tend to change so much on what we think that we restrain our natural creativity.

Think of acquiring any new skill. Think of learning 

  1. how to ice skate
  2. How to type,
  3. How to sing, 
  4. How to talk in public
  5. how to perform tricky yoga poses or anything similar. 

Now think of the difference between a master and a beginner. A beginner is blindly thinking about following the rules, whereas a master responds suitably to changing scenarios. It is when the training goes from being explicit to being implicit that creativity starts to flourish. It is when we check ourselves from thinking consciously about what we are trying to do or what we are doing and allow ourselves to react more naturally that we grow more creative.

So nurturing creativity requires you to master a few steps.

First, know the basics. Figure out things to do and how to properly do it. Imitate a master. If possible, get some personal coaching or teaching to ensure that you manifest good habits.

If you allow yourself to initially fall into bad habits, you will have to unlearn them to substitute them with good habits. Start fresh.

Secondly, once you know how to practice the new skill properly, practice persistently and frequently. ‘Frequently’ means ‘nearly daily’ or ‘daily.’ Suppose you are not investing at least an hour every day. In that case, you are not displaying the kind of sincere commitment required for really nurturing creativity. ‘Persistently’ implies that you must keep practicing, day after day, month after month if you are keen on mastering any valuable skill.

Persistent and regular practice will allow your learning to go from being explicit to implicit. That is nurturing creativity; it is the most immeasurable creativity education.

Here are a couple of tips for accelerating this process of creative evolution. Both involve clearing your mind. If you are serious about genuinely nurturing creativity, I strongly suggest you follow both.

  1. The best friend to any creativity training is a yogic-breathing (spiritual) practice such as Hindu meditation
  2. An excellent accompaniment for nurturing creativity concerning any kind of skill is the sleep early technique. Wake up every morning at 6:30 am without fail, and the sun god will bless you with Vitamins and energy to open your mind and get creative. 

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