Things You Should NEVER Do During Divorce

If you have lately filed for divorce or are thinking about filing for divorce, you likely feel confused with many things that need to be done during the legal divorce process. This includes deciding child custody matters, calculating child support, and documenting and locating all financial records and assets to expedite the fair property division. Life decisions need to be made during a divorce, including attempting to find employment if you previously were a stay-at-home spouse and deciding whether or not to leave the marital home. While thinking of all of the things, you must arrange during a divorce; it is also necessary to highlight what you can not do during a divorce. If you want to dodge legal hurdles, simply stop complications as you move through the legal divorce process.

What You Should Not Do During a Divorce?

Speak out of turn during a court hearing

Each country and every judge has a system, and that method is their way of maintaining discipline in their courtroom. Don’t forget to honor the system, or you may destroy your credibility with the judge.

Consider your ex-partners’ silence means agreement

A girl left her soon-to-be ex-husband a voicemail, telling him she would not approve the Agreed Decree for divorce because its terms were unreasonable. She demanded extra time to file a response. Although her husband did not respond to her call, she was sure he would grant her additional time. Rather than giving her the extra time, her husband went ahead with forging the woman’s sign on the Agreed Decree, hoping it would be settled and he would be able to implement its unfair terms against the lady. What is the point of this news? Never assume your partner’s silence means she/he agrees with you.

Don’t use abusive language inside the courtroom

Inside the court, there is a high decorum level that the judge’s clerk, the judge’s bailiff, and the judge himself will require you to honor. Refrain from using curses in the court.

Don’t leave your attorney midway

 Your divorce case will involve time as they are fact-intensive. Once you get to the half-way point of the legal divorce process, your attorney will be intricately involved. Properly retain your lawyer, or you may have to find a new attorney, which would set your case back.

Your child is not a bargaining chip

You may have read about a case like this: Per a Provisional Agreement, mom has custody of her six-year-old son, and father, who lives out of state, gets him during holidays and school breaks. Everything goes fine until the end of the Holiday season when a father fails to show up at the agreed-upon meeting point to return his son to mom. Dad won’t return mom’s frantic phone calls. Father calls mother the next day, saying that their boy will be living with him, and if she wants to see him again, she will have to accept the new terms. At the point when father uttered those words, he committed a serious crime – Contempt of Court. Withholding your kid from your ex-partner in exchange for more agreeable terms is against the law, and you will be severely punished. Do not hold your kid for ransom against your spouse, ever!

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