Things to Look for Before Hiring A Java Developer


If you are running a digital business, then you need to hire great java developers to stay ahead of the curve.

Java language is continuously evolving, new advancements are added continuously which has increased its adoption in the business world.

However, there is no shortage of talents in the market. You can easily find people who knows what is the future of java.

If you are looking for developers in your team, then these will help you hire the perfect candidate.

Java Skillset

Java is no doubt a major payer in the software development market. So, before hiring any professional, it is imperative to validate their skills set. Furthermore, to make sure that their skill set suits your needs.

Every developer in your company should play its part to improve the performance. Maybe you have a specific framework such as Groovy, in such case you need to make it clear. If you already have a team, then it will be easy for you to find out the missing piece. What resources you need to make your team stronger. But if you are going to build a team from scratch, then you need a plan to help you find the right developers.

Cultural Fit

No matter, if your developer has great skills in java coding, but if he or she does not fit your company’ ethos, then it is not a perfect match.

It is easy to find out their skills during an interview, but how they collaborate with other team members is important for the company. Before you have given them any contract, let them meet with other members of the team. If he or she is not able to make a connection, then you should find another one that does.

Your priority should be to find a good cultural fit. If you are unable to find such a person then you should broaden your search.

Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills are also essential for a developer other than cultural fit and coding. Every developer in your team should be able to create, deploy, and manage code. Some of the programmers will work on solving any problem that arises during the testing stage.

Other than coding skills, you should see the problem-solving abilities of a developer. You can verify this by providing them with a live technical test, where they will demonstrate this skill practically. Furthermore, a developer needs to include advanced techniques in the CV.

Flexible Approach to Java Development

You may need specific skills right now, but you should see the bigger picture and hire someone who will be beneficial in the future.

You should see in their CV how many versions of java, they have worked on. So, if you expand your business in the future, you will have the perfect team.

It is reasonable that a developer has worked on the platform in the past. But if he or she is passionate about the work then they will take the time to learn new skills.

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