The Ultimate Muuido Travel Guide

Korean men on horseback on Hanaggae Beach, Muui-do.

If you’re interested in a beachside retreat within effortless reach of Seoul, the Island of Muuido will not fail to amuse you. The Island’s name “Muui” means “dancer’s dress” in traditional Korean hanja. Extensive stretches of golden sand and green walking trails are just a short ferry hop away from more evolved Yeongjongdo (home to Incheon airport). 

How to move around in Muuido?

Public buses reach all tourist areas on Muui-do, and taxies are scarce. The bus from the clean port of arrival does a simple clockwise route around the Island, heading southeast, then moving back up and over to Hanaggae Beach in the extreme west, then to silent Silmi Beach, then back to the boat/ferry. If you reach at night, there will be small beige vans instead of green buses. You can call the van/bus operators for pick up (check online for the latest phone numbers). From the silent Silmi Beach to Hanaggae Beach, transfer at the ferry stop is available at an extra cost. The green bus takes T-Money; the vans do not. (remember this.

Top Attractions in Muiido

Hanagae Beach

Hanagae Beach is arguably Muuido’s best, with lots of golden sand, a handful of seafood eateries, and clean beach huts under the pine trees or on the beach. Walking trails ring around the headland to the south. Children will love the giant zip-wire ride over the golden sand.


You can access the adorable, car-free Island of So-Muuido via a footbridge from Muuido’s south-eastern tip. It’s a fascinating fishing community with a cliff-top walk, engaging seaside panoramas, and friendly locals.

Silmi Beach

The northernmost of the two principal beaches on Muuido’s west coast, Silmi, is 2km south-west from the boat terminal. More peaceful than Hanagae Beach, at low tide, you can walk across the sand to the silent islet of Silmido.

Things to do in Muiido

  1. Horse riding on Hanagae Beach is extremely popular with children and adults alike. It is relatively safe, and you will have fun riding these tamed mammals. 
  2. Bring dice and playing cards and explore an Asian-style picnic. 
  3. You can rent ATVs at Hanagae for 30 minutes. However, don’t forget to bargain if you are a foreigner. 
  4. Flora and Fauna will fascinate you in Muiido. Beach site, there are numerous shellfish; you may find endless tiny snails and solitary crabs and, of course, seagulls. In the Island’s wetlands, you may see egrets. Because locals live in houses with yards (contrary to small-town apartments), many giant dogs are tied up outside, all very friendly. Trees are pine, and grapes are grown in tiny patches everywhere.

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